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Originally Posted by Vatican Roulette View Post
Please, grab a map, those cities are on opposite sides of the state.

What state? Not Michigan, and certianly not Ontario (Which is not a state).

That's the $7 a game website. The streams are also some of the worst quality possible. Sometimes, they don't even work. My brother-in-law has a cousin who played in the WHL a few years ago and his family bought that to watch his games. I used it a few times to watch Glennie and it wasn't good quality, even though the WHL version has the best.

Originally Posted by NoThreat View Post
I saw Murphy play live 8-10 times in his rookie season and 5-6 in his second because I'm from Kitchener. I would agree that he looks like much the same player. His angling on the defensive side is better and he seems stronger on his skates, harder to knock off the puck. However, his defensive game hasn't made leaps and bounds, it's only average in the OHL imo. His offensive abilities are still top notch and his skating is great, but they have been for a couple of years now.
I really like Murphy and think he will produce better with higher calibre talent in the pro's, but size and defensive game still worry me for the next level.

p.s. that other guy has been a huge Murphy fan and supporter since he joined the Kitchener Rangers. There is very little you or anyone can say to change his mind about anything Murphy related.
"I really like him (So you can trust me) but he's the same player he was 2 years ago and don't listen to the guy who doesn't agree with this because he's bias and wrong and I'm right because I'm a Kitchener fan and agreeing with you"

He is absolutely leaps and bounds better defensively than he was when he was 17. You failed to say how he hasn't changed. You failed to make note of what areas he's bad defenisvely at. I've given reasons why he has, provided examples of what he used to, and all I've got in reply is people saying he hasn't. Apparently that's a convincing argument.

It's as if some other Kitchener fans go out of their way to act like they're neutral. Skinner and Landeskog both got it as well (Skinner's an awful skater, Landeskog has no offensive upside). Both claims that Kitchener fans should have known better yet made the claim or let other people make it without telling them they're wrong. Both got proven wrong. I don't know how you could seriously claim that Murphy's defensive improvements are only marginal. That's ludicrous.

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