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Originally Posted by LaurentHabs View Post
I take the Champions League with a grain of salt though. Yes it nice and dandy to be in the competition, get allocation $$ and all that fine stuff, but it also has it downsides. Real Salt Lake and Seattle both recently admitted failing in the long stretch because of players being dead tired for the playoffs and the CCL, leading to a double failure.

Unfortunately because of the MLS cap, teams will have to make decisions. Once you get far in the league and in the CCL, there will come a time where you have to decide "Which competition should get the best XI fielded?"

Ideally, you have a deep squad, so that [As mentionned previously in this thread] you can alternate players and give them rests. But with the MLS cap, its hard to have quality subs to both make a push for the MLS playoffs AND the CCL

I think we have a pretty good situation here. Lots of young players with low wages(Or relatively low wages) capable of taking a spot in a regular team if needed. The likes of Collen Warner, Sanna Nyassi, Justin Mapp, Zarek are all able to grind out quality minutes to not only give some guys a rest, but also perform on the highest stage

I'm unsure what to think. Our main goal should be the MLS cup, then obviously the CCL. If we qualify, I hope this coaching staff find a way to balance everything perfectly and help the Impact have a good run IN the playoffs, but IN the CCL as well.

Hard to explain what I really mean lol. I mean I want the Impact to do well and go far in the CCL, but I just hope that it doesn't become a distraction for the team in the Playoffs/Long stretch
We just need to decide where we want to win the most and put our best starting line up there.

Like you said if the mls want to win big in the CCL they will need to help team get quality depth.

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