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Originally Posted by Hanji View Post
You're missing the point about Cherry nowadays.
People loved to be offended be him. It's like a racist grandfather that you must endure, but later say "I can't believe he said that!" with a smile on one's face. And make no mistake, Cherry plays the part to perfection.

The real problem is the dinosaurs who still take him seriously. I hope as a society we've moved on from the racist, xenophobic and repressive culturalism of the 1950s.
Originally Posted by fly4apuckguy View Post
While I agree to a certain extent that people seek a statement that they can facepalm every week, I do not accept that he is any of those things you mentioned.

A little controversial, sure. But it's about the game, not people. If Don met a Swedish guy on the street, they would go have a beer and a great time. In the studio, he might slam Swedish hockey because there is a certain style or element of the Swedish game he does not like. But that does not mean he hates Swedes, do you know what I mean?

I hate Spanish bull fighting. I find it barbaric and cruel. I prefer bloodless bullfights in Canada. But I don't hate Spaniards. An extreme analogy, but I think it kind of relates.
You seem to see through his game, and if so bravo.

What's damaging about what he does and what any shock radio/TV star does is to play on the prejudices that a great number of their fans have.

Even if Don would not have an ounce of prejudice/xenophobia in him, a good number of his fans are racist/prejudiced/xenophobic.

It's what makes the Bill O'Reilly of this world so dangerous.

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