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03-25-2013, 09:31 PM
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Originally Posted by OCPenguin View Post
There is no reason to take a shot at getting a player Pittsburgh DOESN'T need. It is pretty obvious Pittsburgh isn't getting or even in the nut for Iggy. The Pens actions yesterday and today said so. They gave up assets for two potential guys that could bolt. I doubt they give up two top prospects and a first for another rental. Makes zero sense. Pittsburgh filled its needs. No need to add anything else, with exception of maybe a fourth line upgrade.
I don't agree with this.


is a better team any way you slice it. Here's the problem:

Kunitz-Crosby-Dupuis. Box +1. One guy follows Sid non stop. Shut him down, you shut that line down. Kunitz-Dupuis won't/can't carry an offensive load.

Morrow/Bennett-Malkin-Neal. Same thing. The only maybe is that Neal gets more open ice if a dman has to focus on Malkin.

Cooke-Sutter-Kennedy. Not a third line that is gonna chip in when the top two lines are getting shut down. Cooke-Staal-Kennedy of 2008-2009 they are not.

Glass-Vitale-Adams. Garbage.

We are not as playoff solid as you believe we are. We all thought they were unstoppable with Sullivan-Crosby-Dupuis, Kunitz-Malkin-Neal last year...and yeah...look what happen. Don't fall into the illusion that because we are a high scoring regular season team that we will dominate the playoffs with no gaps. Not true. You know what scoring a bunch of regular season goals makes us? The Capitals of 08-10. Look how that turned out.

We have gaps. The team could certainly use Iginla and I believe its Shero's job to at least look into it. Adding Morrow and Murray doesn't put us over the top.

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