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Originally Posted by Megahab View Post
I don't remember what happened with Morgan. Rick and co found him a few episodes ago and he was all crazy, then what happened? Where is he now?
Rick was all like, "Common man, I'm bat**** insane and they made me leader, you'll be fine with us!" and he was all like "Naw man, I gotta stay here and kill some sombies and ****" so Rick was like "Fine then, fool, we'll just leave you here"

Originally Posted by IHerb View Post
Did they ever explain who let that hoard of walkers into the prison earlier this season?
The first time way back was Andrew. 2nd time with Gov group was random Woodburry citizen. Don't think it was supposed to matter who it was. The only reason they wore the armor was protection driving a walker bus, not to hide identity.

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