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Originally Posted by Bender View Post
Lol at you guys for thinking that IF
The Lacroix are building this team to run over other clubs. That's what they are trying to do here, it can't be a 'secret', it's painfully obvious! They want to make sure that they are a contender for the next 10-12 years...not one of these borderline teams that hopes their goalie gets red hot so they can go on a run.
I don't doubt that they'd like to build a team that can run over other clubs and be a perennial contender. Who wouldn't want that? If that's what they want though, they need to hire or foster talent at all levels of the organization. To me, the most telling thing that this organization appears to rarely have other organizations trying to hire our guys away, or we that we rarely hear of front office management from Colorado going on to do great things.

In the past five years, it's looking like Quennville and Quinn are going to be the only two Colorado Avalanche alumni who go on to bigger things. Cloutier is helping to preside over a tire fire in Calgary, Lefebvre is coaching junior. Kono, Deadmarsh, etc all pretty much out of the league in terms of management. Is Gigure even in Dallas anymore?

Meanwhile we promoted Sacco, a middling AHL coach, hired Chennyworth, who is going about .500 with the best AHL team we've iced in years, and promoted a previously unknown accountant to GM.

Don't get me wrong. I'm a supporter of a lot of the hockey moves we've made, but the people in the Avs organization who are hired rather than drafted do not to appear to be the best they could be. Or they all started out in the snack bar and got promoted to management eventually.

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