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Originally Posted by fly4apuckguy View Post
While I agree to a certain extent that people seek a statement that they can facepalm every week, I do not accept that he is any of those things you mentioned.

A little controversial, sure. But it's about the game, not people. If Don met a Swedish guy on the street, they would go have a beer and a great time. In the studio, he might slam Swedish hockey because there is a certain style or element of the Swedish game he does not like. But that does not mean he hates Swedes, do you know what I mean?

I hate Spanish bull fighting. I find it barbaric and cruel. I prefer bloodless bullfights in Canada. But I don't hate Spaniards. An extreme analogy, but I think it kind of relates.
Ok, but even if you may not approve of bullfighting, you'd never public denigrate a Spaniard or call someone a 'chicken Spaniard'.

Yes, if Cherry met a Swede on the street he'd probably have a beer with him, but Cherry has to live up to an on screen image to stay relevant, and that relevance is predicated on bigotry; it's what people expect of him. There's a difference between not liking the Swedish way of hockey, and calling someone a "Chicken Swede", or the countless names he's called Russians. Many of his innuendos that transcend hockey.
How about the episode where he ripped on homosexuals?

Like I said, much of Cherry's schtick is derived from 1950s era xenophobic mentality, and he plays it to perfection. It's extremely entertaining, but the people that should be laughed at are the individuals who take him seriously.

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