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03-25-2013, 10:31 PM
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Meanwhile, Joyce V Clark continues unabated in her "Clarkonomics".

She is cranky that the current council is not making big spending cuts to prepare for the sunsetting of the $22 million in sales tax increase in 2017, while still bemoaning the fact that the city council is not preserving the $17 million to put towards an arena management fee. Go figure.

Still looming is how this council will address the loss of $22M in revenue currently being earned by the sales tax increase slated to sunset in 2017. The general feeling among council is that the city will have recovered by then and will easily absorb the $22M loss in sales tax revenue. There appears to be no will to be fiscally prudent and continue with cuts in anticipation of that loss of revenue. If they do not have the will to make gradual cuts each year for the next four years, they will be forced by circumstance to make draconian cuts in 2017. It’s very simple; karma catches up to you every time.
Don't you like the last line? Karma, indeed.

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