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03-25-2013, 10:44 PM
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Originally Posted by sky04 View Post
Sources? Funny you don't include total points also considering Eberle is a playmaker.

PPG last year was identical with or without Hall in the lineup. - Eberle, 2007-2012, 5v5 With/Without You
 EDM GF/60EDM GA/60EDM corsi %
Eberle With Hall1.0340.89250.5%
Eberle Without Hall0.8920.97046.0%

When Eberle is on the ice with Hall, the Oilers outshoot and have outscored the opposition. That's pretty remarkable when you consider they spent time playing in front of Khabibulin (who hasn't been NHL calibre in years) and a bottom-3 defense in the league.

When Eberle is away from Hall, the Oilers score less often, allow goals more often, and control significantly less of the play.

There's some caveats to that; it doesn't break down by quality of competition. That's why Horcoff looks awful in Eberle's WOWY - because when Eberle is with Horcoff, they're playing the tough minutes against Sedins/Toews/etc, and when Eberle is away from Horcoff, he's still taking tough minutes and Eberle is being sheltered.

Eberle might very well have scored at the "same ppg" when not playing with Hall, but that's because he was lucky with percentages last year. This year, he hasn't been so lucky.

I mean, last season, he shot 18.9% and this year he's at 8.1%. He isn't nearly as good as he looked last year, and he isn't nearly as bad as his totals suggest this year. Point totals are noise that hide which players are actually following a process that will lead to results.

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