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Game 30 vs New Jersey Devils
4-1 Loss

Oddly, the highlight package for this game doesn't seem to exist on YouTube. They can be found on the NHL homepage:




2nd 12:57 Henrique (Kovalchuk, Larsson)
-1 Gleason - It took a few views to figure out exactly what happened during this cluster-bleep of a defensive stand. The basic problem is Gleason playing atrociously bad hockey -- getting caught flat-footed at the blue line, plodding back into position too late to stop the scoring chance, clearing the puck directly to an opponent, then LEAVING his position just in time for the puck to come right back and end up in the net. Epic badness.
-1 Skinner - I will give him credit for what he was trying to accomplish here, which was to be a hero, but sound positional hockey would have been a better choice than skating right past the biggest scoring threat on the ice (Kovalchuk) in order to try and beat his own defenseman to the pass, then lingering in the crease as a second goalie while nobody covers the point. He's trying, but maybe a little too hard.

2nd 13:38 Harrold (Elias, Zajac)
-1 Harrison - His lack of speed and mobility was abused by Zajac on this sequence.
-1 Sanguinetti - We should probably be used to it by now, but this guy really looks bad sometimes. I mean, those aren't exactly world-class moves causing him to flail around like a fish out of water.
-1 Eric Staal - Classic case of getting tunnel vision rather than having one's head on a swivel to see the open shooter.

-1 Gleason
-1 Harrison
-1 Sanguinetti
-1 Skinner
-1 Eric Staal

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