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08-09-2006, 12:29 AM
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Originally Posted by therealdeal View Post

Cry me a fu*king river bit*h.
How old are you? I've heard worse rhetoric when reffing peewee games.

Originally Posted by therealdeal View Post
I would never try to hurt somebody for no reason (he did, saw the smallest guy on the ice and hit him from behind without the puck), never have, never will, but I will not take a cheap shot and not do one in return, if you're prepared to try and break my neck, I will certainly try to do the same to you.

I will protect myself, with any means necessary, sorry you don't hold the same value for yourself.
You didn't protect yourself, you retaliated and used your stick as a weapon. You weren't hurt either, so by your logic, what he did to you wasn't much of anything.

From what you have said here, you are a violent-natured person. This, "eye for an eye" mentality does not belong in the game... at least not at the RECREATIONAL level.

As Chris said, if you did that in the rec league here, you wouldn't get a 2nd chance. You would be banned permanently.

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