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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
First off, Savards offense was closer to Zubovs offense than Zubovs defense was to Savards defense.
Second, I don‘t know what Zubov you are talking about but the one I saw was poor defensively to start, improved later on to not be considered a liability and ended up a little better than that in his last couple of year.
Average to above average at best defensively is stating the last half or so of his career perfectly IMO.
Maybe it's a perception thing but Zubov was under Hitch in his 4th full year in the NHL at age 26.

He was better later in his career for sure but the early part of his pre Hitch carer is short and his offense is way better than Savards do we need to pull up the actual numbers here?

Here it's easy, Zubov is a 0.72 PPG player in his career, Savard .42 and I won't even begin to bring in the era thing.

.30 PPG over 100 games is quite a gap.

That's a huge offensive difference. Zubov isn't Phil Housley on the back end.

They both have exactly 1 2nd team all star selection.

Zubov has a legit Norris argument the year 06 he was a 2nd team guy while Savards was more of a reward for an aging vet in 79.

Even with the Conn Smythe it's pretty hard to argue that there is a huge gap in their playoff resume and impact.

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