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03-25-2013, 11:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
it's baffling to see people here to say "our goalie isn't good enough", then give reasons why the team shouldn't play a more defense oriented system

HUH ??

so, we should mostly concentrate on O, and not try to tighten up defensively with a 'poor goalie' in net ?

teams like NYR & BOS tighten up defensively with the King & the 2nd best save % goalie in the league

did anybody else notice that we held PITT to 1 even strength goal [and even that was 4 on 4] ?
this team sure looked better defensively to me. as they did last March.

oh, and by the way, Bryz looked great last march & great last night.

seeing a pattern here ?

NO reason we cant tighten up defensively. saying we don't have the personnel of BOS & NYR makes no sense.

they sure were good defensively vs PITT. they CAN do it. i watched it.
They lost. How is that "doing it?" They generated even less offense at even strength than usual.

Personnel DOES matter, unless you can provide a decent argument otherwise. I mean, what stops every team in the league from being Boston or NYR? Why doesn't Montreal just play like Boston? I'm sure the Islanders will be pleased to know they can be successful if they just play like Boston, even though their team doesn't have the players for it...just like the Flyers.

If the whole team has to dumb down their scoring ability and play a style the team isn't truly designed for when they're already bad at scoring to compensate for the goalie, the goalie should be replaced instead.

Edit: You've once again mentioned March, one of our worst months defensively last year, as being good. They spent long stretches getting pounded in the defensive zone last March. Your ability to simply make things up continues to puzzle me...especially since you're taking credit away from Bryz by doing so. On the other hand, December, one of the best defensive months, was his worst. There's no correlation.

Edit: I think it's worth it to point out the true hilarity of this "oh, just copy Boston, problem solved!" mentality. If Jack Edwards and Bruins fans are to be believed, Boston built that team to fit the mold of the 2010 Flyers coached by Laviolette. They wanted to match the toughness, determination, and two way play. suggest we copy a team that copied our team. Right.

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