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Originally Posted by Av-merican View Post
Wow. Would not have expected a statement like this from you.
Sorry, not trying to ruffle any feathers but people really need to take a look around and see things for what they are. Teams that float around the #10-#20 mark for 6-8 years never really go anywhere. Sure, they can make a run but a lot of times it does depend on their goaltending and their team is actually weaker than they thought. (*ahem* - RANGERS)

Make a list of teams that you think are going to be very, very strong in the next 5 years and make another list of teams that just aren't going anywhere, it's staggering!

I guess it's just a case of 'the devil you know' as opposed to the one you don't.

There are A LOT of fans that want the Lacroixs gone from this organization but good or bad, we've got 2 Stanley Cups due in large part due to Pierre Lacroix. There is no guarantee that 'RANDOM GM X' would have been able to pull off the Roy trade. Don't think GMs can mess up a 'good thing' like that? Look at what Holmgren did with Richards and Carter and then both those guys are integral parts of the Cup win in LA. I think the Flyers were really on to something but their GM took a shotgun, aimed at his foot and pulled the trigger. What about Nonis with the Canucks? That team has been in prime position to win the Cup now for how many years? But he was too afraid to do what needs to be done to put the team over the hump. Gillis isn't much better either. I'm pretty sure that Cody Hodgson would make the canucks a more dangerous team than sure-bet-3rd-liner Zack Kassian. Huge mistake there.

My point is this, Pierre Lacroix knows what it takes to build a winning team, a true contender and he's shown that in the past by making smart deals that addressed needs. (Krupp, Ozolinsh, Roy, Clark/Lemieux, Blake, Bourque)

He's certainly not perfect either. He's seems to think that having a good, experienced, proven coach is a waste of good money and that 'anyone' can do it. (Granato ) He also needs to stop taking negotiations personally and trading anyone who opposes him out of town. Sometimes, paying more than you'd like to is something that you need to comes to terms with, in pro sports.

The next time you think that the Lacroixs should be given their pink slips and thrown out of town, just think that our next GM could be a guy like Jay Feaster.
[*to actually be fair to Jay Feaster, and I've made fun of that guy A LOT, there's a lot of evidence to show that the decisions NOT to rebuild and to hang on to all those veterans are made from the guys who own the team [Murray Edwards])

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