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03-25-2013, 11:38 PM
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For you guys from Chicago, elsewhere in Illinois, and general surrounding cousin is a senior in high school. She's been admitted to Michigan (Ann Arbor), Illinois (Urbana Champaign), Miami Ohio - and is waiting for Wisconsin (Madison)...which apparently is her first choice. Does anyone have anything to say about any of this schools for my own interest? I have relatives who went to Miami - so I know it well. I've been to football games at Michigan, know Wisconsin is a good school, know nothing about Illinois :shrug:

I feel so bad US kids re college applications - it just seems brutal all the qualifications you need to have even for a mid-level university - and even then the schools seem hard to get into.

In Canada, it's pretty unforgiving...for admissions they generally want to know what your marks were for the last 2 years of high school - the good is it's straightforward...the bad is that your university acceptance will be tied to your marks alone.

Originally Posted by RayP View Post
Get into the sports science field, with an emphasis on strength and conditioning.
i.e. like a trainer, that sort of stuff? or in the business side of things?

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You can use GoToMyPC on an iPad. In regards to the other question, you can't edit Microsoft office documents on an iPad. You can only view them.
i'm still waiting for my new GoToMyPc password - if i can get on that program from my Ipad...can i edit word documents? I'll be honest...i use my macbookpro for everything - but work gave me an Ipad simply b/c they think Ipads are cool and everyone in business is getting an ipad (fyi - it's not like i'm a late adopter to's just my life requires a laptop and phone...not an ipad)...the fact that my company is handing some of us ipads while loving downsizing and has some computer programs that have interfaces that heavily resemble DOS is a conversation for another day)

what i'm i supposed to do w/ this ipad (having my mac & phone)? i'm a loser w/ a blackberry - so my ipad has finally allowed me to play angry at least i'm catching up in that regard.

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