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03-26-2013, 12:03 AM
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Originally Posted by funghoul View Post
i know what YOUR saying but is it me? or is everyone at this point sounding confused and contradicting themselves? you can't say the team sucks in front of bryz but then put that much blame on bryzgalov. It almost seems like some of these guys are saying were built for offense so we can't worry about playing so deep in our zone when defending cause it stifles our offense? but we have to to protect our crappy goalie? that makes no sense. so were not built to play at both ends of the ice. i go back to what i've always said about the way some people watch hockey. they look at the score and they go " goalie let in goals, goalie bad". its just stupid. every NHL team has to play defense to be successful. even if our offense are more slick creative players. even when were not playing tight defensively we don't score at will. so what is the point in not playing defense? less chances? i really don't get what some of these guys are saying
It's possible for Bryz to suck independently of the team, you know. Nobody looks at the score and declares Bryz is bad. We declare him bad when he, you know...plays badly. Which happens to be disturbingly often for the second year in a row. He's a glorified Biron, except he's been worse.

I also don't see the contradiction at all about what happens when a team built for offense tries to cut down the offense and play defense to protect the goalie. Goal scoring goes down. That's not shocking. Considering that they're already struggling to score goals, it means the offense will be even worse.

Here's the thing: The Flyers haven't been THAT bad defensively. They've certainly been passable; better than several teams, even...teams who's goalies have done better than Bryz. However, Bryz hasn't been passable. So they've progressively cut back on offensive aggression to focus more on D, because Bryz apparently needs a perfect bubble to succeed.

Stop spouting this utter garbage that we're just watching the scores. We're watching the games. I've seen another underwhelming season in net. You know who else has seen the same thing? Practically every major analyst and media member. I hate this argument, but I'm forced to make it: neutral, outside observers paid for their knowledge of the game have been panning him all year. I guess they're just blind too, right?

Originally Posted by funghoul View Post
and this team is capable of making lundqvist look like leighton some nights. i mean if everyone else is gonna throw out stupid assumptions on what other teams goalies could do here then there's mine. just as dumb as every other comparison.
I've watched the Rangers have more than their fair share of terrible games in the last few years. He somehow didn't collapse and was often one of the few/only bright spots. He certainly wouldn't look like Leighton, or hell, even Bryz if he played here.

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