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03-26-2013, 12:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Bender View Post

That's 12 teams and countless fans that have NEVER experienced a Stanley Cup win. We've had it twice and I'm pretty grateful for that. It doesn't mean I'll always agree with what Pierre Lacroix does but I'll take him guiding this team rather than a lot of other GMs with 'sometimes meddling' ownership groups.
To be honest I agree that the theory you propose is quite possible, but it is disgraceful to think that any team loyal fans invest in is intentionally losing multiple seasons in a row.

-Lacroix has yet to build a consistent winner under a salary cap. Maintaining core pieces and obtaining high caliber compliments is not as easy as it was pre-cap. IMO whether he can do it by putting under achieving/poorly coached teams on the ice for multiple seasons in a row has yet to be seen. To say he's done it before is incorrect.

-One could argue that although a team may not have won a cup, it does not mean that it is not a rewarding and enjoyable team to be a fan of. San Jose while without a cup is consistently competitive. I too enjoyed the 2 Cups, but I also enjoyed and was much more grateful having a team to support that I was proud of consistently even when not winning a cup.

As an Avalanche fan that started watching Hockey 2 years before the move to Colorado, its pretty sad to see a team unnecessarily put out such an inferior product while most teams seem to have hope at least at the beginning of every year.

If it is being put out intentionally under a great "plan" by PL, then that makes it even more disappointing and may be reason enough to no longer support that team until changes are made. While it will be great to be competitive again, its unfortunate and sort of sad if icing an awful team year after year is the only way to do that. To me it just seems to be the easiest.

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