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Originally Posted by Reduxs View Post
Patrick Kane is a career -11 in the playoffs, Stamkos is a career -14 in the regular season (-5 in the playoffs), Henrick Sedin is a career -15 in the playoffs and his brother is a -9. Do you want me to keep going? Are they not great players?
And everyone you just pointed out goes against either the top scoring unit or the top checking line. Danny has played easy minutes. Lavy tries to hide him and get him the correct matchups and he still struggles.

Listen, the point I'm trying to make is that he plays easy minutes against non defensive units and should produce. He's not. He hasn't the last year or so. That's why that +/- is more telling than what people here want to believe.

Truth is I don't need those stats to show his game. He's great around the net, still has decent speed and good leadership. However he's weak on the puck, loses most 1 on 1 battles in corners, doesn't create space and his back checking is well below par. He's a defensive liability and I don't think anyone here will argue that. But for the highest paid forward who can't play defense on a team already struggling with D and now can't score or create plays, I see no reason for him to stay.

Great? Really? I think it has a lot to do with fandom at this point more than anything. People just won't accept it and that's fine but I'd want the greater good for the team at this point.

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