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03-26-2013, 02:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Gene Parmesan View Post
Hes dominating grown men in a pro league. I do see your one thought much of Coyle until he left college and went to the Q and put up huge numbers on one of the best teams in the CHL. Hertl is very impressive, hes big and strong and tenacious on the puck and throws his weight around.
And how many players have dominated either league, only to accomplish nothing in the NHL?

It is like this.

Let us say you have three leagues, "1", "2", and "3".

You have one player who is "A" in a few areas, and generally "B" in everything else. Then, there is the other player who is "A" in a ton of areas, and then "C" in one or two. In the "3" league, both can dominate; perhaps the second player more than the balanced one. But as they graduate to the "2" league, the second player is going to start to find his "C" attributes holding him back. At the "1" league, the balanced player will be able to hang with the crowd while being better than most at a couple of things. The other player is going to find that his "C" attributes are so behind the curve, that he won't be able to hack it.

This happens too often. Just stressing caution.

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