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03-26-2013, 01:48 AM
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I. This is not a hockey question.

II. and III. Two men voluntarily face each other in a direct competition for dominance. They have to break the rules, a throwing off of the trappings of civilized society, an with just the unwritten guidance of honor they tap directly into the very heart of all sport. The ice is the key. A hockey fight takes place in an environment that demands respect. 50% of a fight is maintaining balance. The ice creates equality and forces them to use each other, they must lean on each other as they seek to defeat each other. Is that not the very essence of human interaction? That is why no other sport has fighting like hockey. They don't play on the ice.

IV. Most street fights are not about honor or competition or approached with any sense of equality. Now if two people agree to settle an issue with a fight and step off to the side I may or may not watch, it depends on if I have any skin in the game.

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