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Originally Posted by rt View Post
I don't there is a market for Sullivan. There is DEFINITELY no market for Lombardi. You might be able to get a third round pick for Torres, so why even bother?

I don't want to move Korpikoski. I think he's a good player

I like Moss just fine, but if they refuse to play him on the PP he's overpaid by a million bucks a year. We can't afford that luxury. I say move him either now or at the draft. He probably has very little value. Maybe the equivalent of a 3rd or 4th round pick.

Klesla I'd be willing to move for the right deal. Really solid player, but he's always hurt and is pretty pricey for the third pair. Especially with how well Stone and Schlemko have played. Plus, Rundblad and Gormley are around in case of injury.

It's probably time to turn the page on Summers. He's a good prospect and I like him, but he's clearly getting passed up by all of the other top young D in the system.

I noticed the Wings D tonight committed a lot of turn overs and got pushed around physically at times. Even little Steve Sullivan bowled over two of them. Maybe they'd be interested in Klesla? Moss and Summers are Wolverines and could fit in, too.

Wonder if we could get a little something for Klesla, Moss, and Summers to Detroit? It'd clear five million dollars for next season. That alone might be worth it.
Yandle was a 3rd round draft pick, you can find quality in that range. Trade Torres for a 3rd, get someone who can in a few years be on an ELC, and open a spot to try out a few young guys. I would really like to see us keep Korpikoski as well, would hate to watch him go even if he is in a funk. Maybe Summers, Torres, and a 5th packaged for a 2nd? Probably too little to land a 2nd..

I think you're correct on Lombardi as well, might as well hold on to him for the remainder of the season. I would like to see us move Klesla to clear space to try and retain Yandle rather than trade him, maybe make another package of Klesla and Sullivan for a 2013 1st? I could see a team paying that price tag if they feel it would provide the depth they needed to win it all.

If we move players I think it should be the lower pairing guys like Klesla, Summers, Torres, Moss, Sullivan, and MAYBE Gordon and Smith. Ideally I would want to keep Gordon as well and then let Lombardi walk next year. We could easily ice a team with most of those guys gone but I want to see us keep the rest.

We really just need to get another sniper/finisher. When Vrbata is out of the line up no one else seems to be really getting it done. Boedker is playing well but seems to be getting pretty unlucky, Hanzal is struggling IMO, Doan looks like hes going to ride his pay day like a cheap hooker most nights, Korpikoski looks like hes trying but is getting mentally pounded, and Vermette is kinda just meh right now. Maybe a small shake up would get the team rolling for the last 16 games.

Sorry I know I do this a lot but I like to give a quick example roster at the end of a lot of posts.. Keep in mind this doesn't take into account injuries.

Boedker - Hanzal - Vrbata
Korpikoski - Vermette - Doan
Klinkhammer - Lombardi - Szwarz
Chipchura - Gordon - Brown

Johnson, Bissonnette

Yandle - Morris
OEL - Michalek
Schlemko - Stone

Summers? Rundblad, Gormley


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