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03-26-2013, 03:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Nac Mac Feegle View Post
It is pathetic...but sadly, also relevant. The NHL is still an old boys network, that there are still quite a bit of unwritten rules regarding teams, player and management conduct. Making waves and causing a ruckus tends to have some not-so-subtle side effects regarding the treatment of an organization in this league.

I can tell you as an Ottawa native and having the Sens as my #1 team since 1991, that we're still paying for the day we pulled a Roger Neilson and did the white-towel-on-a-stick routine during a game. The refs haven't forgotten about that yet. And I'm sure as a Rangers fan you see the mistreatment Avery got from the league; many of his fines and suspensions wouldn't have happened to a different player.

That said, Tortorella (and whoever that little PR person is beside him this season) is doing a much better job handling the media this season, all things considered. He still shows that fire, but it is controlled (well, for the most part, anyways).
I was laughing my ass off when one of the reporters asked him what he thought about Winnipeg's "TORT-O-RELLA" chant, John started, "Wait, what?"


Wasn't that incident with the Canucks?

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