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Originally Posted by shinchanyo View Post
Thnx for the shop advice I will look into them. I dont want u to get me wrong here i didn't ask u to fit me lol. I asked if just in case these don't fit if u know of a naturally wider skate than the Bauer nexus. I also asked if based on my specific experiences if it's ok to feel like the outside of the foot is slightly elevated by the foam or if it shouldn't feel elevated that's not asking you to fit me and it's not answered by the opening. I understand if u get frustrated if I ignore what's in your opening or ask ridiculous questions but I feel these are legit specific questions. The stores around here also don't have sizes to try they only have d's and I've had to order and wait for every EE. I know that it's it's common knowledge the nexus is the widest Bauer so I was hoping it was also known if say Easton is naturally wider than nexus or something
If you don't mind hiking up to hockeymonkey in woodbridge, you may also want to consider hockey haus in bound brook.
Hockey monkey has some very knowledgable staff who will do a great job, but there's a few who aren't very good and will just go through the motions. And you don't know which you'll get

Hockey haus does a great job, it's a small shop, but if they are helping you, you'll get a good fit

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