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03-26-2013, 08:44 AM
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I saw the Brovsky think on Twitter and it made me unconfortable... for Jeb! Let me start by saying that Brovsky is, for mutiple reason, one of my favourite players on the team, but posting that, even as a joke, was a mistake on his part. Not that it is disrespectful or anything, but it could have resulted in a PR nightmare. If he had been a Hab, that think would have been blown out of proportion. He was smart enough to quickly point out that is was a joke, because it could have resulted in an another situation like last year when that player said that people were racists in MTL.

As for the dimwits who attacked Jeb for that tweet, they are *** stupid. Even if Brovsky decided to drop his French lesson for Italian ones, it is his perogative. He can do what he wants. The ONLY mistake would be to state it publicly because people here are very sensitive towards language issues. But telling him he doesn't respect the city because he would decide to stop his French lessons? Stupid! The fact that he is willing to take French lessons in the first place is a GREAT sign of respect for his adopted community. Oh and, finally, to attack a guy like Brovsky for a stupidity like that clearly shows that these people don't follow him regularly, if they would have, they would have get the joke instantly.


Back to soccer, I agree that we seem to have a deep squad and I can't wait to see what our depth can do in games that count. Dominating a reserve game is one thing, but playing in a game that counts is another. I'm confident they'll do well, though. Oh and Messoudi seems to be a good one. I only read good things about him and I hope he gets signed to the first team soon. Felipe really doesn't have a back up and, as we saw last year, we could be screwed if he gets injured. Messoudi could be that back up.

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