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Updated top 50 list:

Date cut off: 01-01-1984

Number definition:

10 - Once in a life time player
09 - Superstar
08 - Star
07 - Good player, just not a great one
06 - Above average/useful player
05 - Average player
04 - Below average player
03 - Mediocre player
02 - Not a professional calibre talent
01 - Go play korfbal

Grade definition:

A - Sure fine bet to reach potential/Already is.
B - Nearly having furfilled his potential
C - Need seasoning before reaching potential/to bigger league.
D - Very young and thus having a lot to prove
E - Unlikely to reach potential

Top 10 of most notable prospects who graduated (83's):

01) Arjen Robben (W - Chelsea - Holland - 84) 9.0A Cruijff
02) Rafael van der Vaart (MF - Hamburg - Holland) 9.0B
03) Klaas-Jan Huntelaar (S - Ajax - Holland) 9.0B van Basten
04) Robin van Persie (MF/S/W - Arsenal - Holland) 9.0B Bergkamp
05) Johnny Heitinga (CB/RB - Ajax - Holland) 9.0C Nesta
06) Gijs Luirink (CB - Groningen - Holland) 8.0B F. de Boer
07) Anouar Diba (MF - NAC - Holland) 8.0B
08) Romeo Castelen (W - Feyenoord - Holland) 7.5C Overmars
09) Arouna Koné (S - PSV - Ivory Coast) 7.5C
10) Ramon Zomer (CB/LB - Twente - Holland) 7.5B

10) Edson Braafheid (RB - Utrecht - Holland) 7.0B

HM) Vitor Santiago Leonardo (S - NAC - Brazil) 9.0E Romario
HM) Nicky Hofs (MF - Feyenoord - Holland) 7.0A

Updated top 50 list

Technically a prospect due to age, but might have appeared in too many professional games

01) Vurnon Anita (MF - Ajax - Holland - 89) 9.0C Seedorf


The difference between the previous #1 (Robben) and #2 is nearly 5 and a half years, but the difference in upside is minimal, if any. Vurnon Anita is the best product in Ajax' potent youth academy. Reminds some a lot of Seedorf, except Vurnon's explosiveness sets him apart. Strong on the ball, makes quick decisions and is very, very technical. Anita's biggest assest might be his versatality however, being able to play at all MF positions as well as CB. Anita prefers to play in central midfield in a free role.

Did you know Vurnon Anita won silver during the U17 EC and was even named tournament MVP? Anita also won Bronze during the WC U17, earning himself a spot on the All-Star squad. Did you also know Anita is the second youngest player to ever make his professional Ajax debute? Ironicly, only his comparison, Clarence Seedorf, has him beat.

02) Wesley Sneijder (MF - Ajax - Holland - 84) 9.0B Deco

Picture & Clip

Sneijder is barely 22 but already has more international experience than most of his fellow age companions. Valueble for his national team, but even moreso for his club. Sneijder is a smallish, but quick midfielder who has a winning mentality. Can play the role of a playmaker, of a scorer or even as a defensive midfielder. Wesley has one of the most accurate long distance shots in the world, and he's not afraid to use it. Instantly making him a free-kick specialist as well. Has brought his game to another level this year and due to a solid WC where he showed to be a capable DM as well, Sneijder's value has gone up by a lot lately.

Did you know that Sneijder's percentage of game winning or game tying goals is the highest of the Eredivisie?

03) Urby Emanuelson (LB - Ajax - Holland - 86) 8.5C Maxwell

Picture & Clip (first professional goal

Emanuelson is a left back who we (Holland) haven't had before. He has a constant urge of going forward, always trying to create something rather than savely tapping it backwards. He does this without neclecting his defensive tasks, showing determinating, hussle and well-timed tackles in his own zone. Only 19 years old but already got to sniff Oranje. If he progresses properly, Emanuelson has the potential to be the very best at his position someday.

Did you know Emanuelson won the EC U21 with Oranje this past summer? Emanuelson even was voted best Leftback and earned himself a spot on the All-Star squad. Did you also know that Emanuelson was once on a TV show for kids, expresing his desire of once playing for Ajax? Picture..

04) Hedwiges Maduro (D/MF - Ajax - Holland - 85) 8.5B Wim Jonk

Picture & Clip

Maduro is one of the most special, rarest yet undervalued prospects in the world. His maturity goes beyond his age (20) and it's obvious on the pitch. Has the rare ability to control the pace of the game, perfectly knowing when to speed things up or when to slow things down. Not really vocal, but is a born leader nonetheless, captaining U21 to the WC Quarters 2 years ago. Reminds me a lot of Cocu with a higher skillset. Maduro is even as versatile as Cocu, being able to play all defensive and midfield positions, but his true role is that of a defensive or neutral midfielder. Already was a full-time Dutch international at the age of 18. Very good in crowded situations. Recently has problems with his conditions as he's probably played more games than any other age-companion so far. Often rests and sits out games for Ajax and Oranje now.

Did you know Maduro was scouted by Alex Fergeson when he was barely 16 years old? Fergeson scouted Hedwiges on advice from his scouts, but left Amsterdam unimpressed. United have re-newed their interest when Maduro broke through but will have to cough up a lot more than the 30k you could've sign him for back in the days.

05) Ismaël Aissati (MF - PSV - Holland - 88) 8.5C Philipe Cocu

Picture & Clip (first professional goal)

Ismael Aissati had a rough season in 2006. After a stunishing debute in 2005, Aissati hasn't quite managed to impress ever since highly respected scout Piet de Visser said how the young teenager might be the best 17 year old in the world. This was expectable though, management gave experience a higher priority and Aissati has to accept his benchrole. He still managed to appear in 18 games, dishing out 3 assists while scoring twice. Expect Aissati to be brought in slowly, he might not be fully ready for a starting spot for two years, but whenever he does, PSV has got a real diamond on their hands. Aissati plays a lot like Maduro (mentioned above) in that he can control and dictate the play. He rarely, ever loses balls and always seems to make the right decision. Not afraid to challange opponents, not even when they are named Kaká, Pirlo or Seedorf. Has a very underrated shot as well. Ismael's ideal position would probably be the neutral midfielder role his team captain Philipe Cocu currently furfilles.

Did you know that Ismael Aissati is the youngest CL participant ever?

06) Jeffrey Sarpong (MF - Ajax - Holland - 88) 8.5C Kaká

Picture & Clip

Made his debute this season, appearing in 9 games, recording two assists while we still have to wait on his first professional goal. Sarpong is a highly gifted, creative midfielder. Quick, lightfeeted and is a player who improvises extremely well. He can get himself out of hopeless situations with the necessary tricks and uses his skillset efficiently. Very raw, but can grow on to become a superstar. His potential is huge..

Did you know Sarpong declined on the option of signing for Chelsea prior to the start of last season? Did you also know Sarpong once appeared in a tv show called "Willem Wever" (a person who handles all your questions) when he was just 7 years old? His question was: "How do I play for Ajax?".. The rest is history..

Did you also know Sarpong won silver during the U17 EC, and bronze during the WC U17 in Peru, earning himself a spot on the All-Star squad of both tournaments?

07) Jefferson Farfán (W/S - PSV - Peru - 84) 8.5B

Picture & Clip

Jefferson Farfán is (at least in the Eredivisie) already one of the most hardest players to defend. His goal scoring versatality knows no bounds. Just last season he scored 27 goals while playing the entire season from the wing. Very accurate in his finishing, scores easily from in or outside the box, and is even a free-kick specialist. Not really a playmaker, always prefers to score above anything. A quality of his is that he is able to run at full speed and still be nearly impossible to knock off balance. His control is outstanding at full speed, and that's pretty darn fast.

Did you know Farfán is already considered the greatest player his country has ever produced? Did you also know Chelsea wanted to get him early in 2004, but couldn't due to international laws?

08) John Goossens (LW/S - Ajax - Holland - 88) 8.5D Makaay


Goossens is one of the top forward prospects of his country. His speed is one thing, but the power and accuracy of his shot is something special. Just a deathly player when he gets free, but instead of rocketing it in, he also has the patience to overlook the situation, resulting in possible crosses. Just like his age companions, he likes to play with flair. Very strong physicly too, good in the air and hard to knock of the ball. Needs to improve his one on one skills from what I've seen though.

Did you know John Goossens too, declined on the option of signing with Chelsea prior to the start of last season? Did you also know Goossens won silver during the U17 EC and bronze during the WC U17 in Peru, where he finished as topscorer?

09) Salomon Kalou (W/S - Chelsea - Ivory Coast/Holland - 85) 9.0C Eto'o

Picture & Clip

Kalou, now with Chelsea, is one of the top young players in the game. He can play wing as well as striker. A real goalgetter who can create plenty of chances on his own. Can get by opponents like they are pylons. Very fast and technicly gifted. Needs to progress his decision making somewhat, being accused of being selfish many times. Also is very inconsistent as he can be gods gift to football one day, and be invisable the next day.

Did you know Salomon Kalou wanted to go to the WC with Oranje, but couldn't get a Dutch passport in time? There was even made a funny commercial about the situation where he did manage to go to the WC: Link

10) Kenneth Vermeer (GK - Ajax - Holland - 86) 8.5D Menzo


Vermeer is arguably the best goalkeeper in the system right now. Only Tim Krul (Newcastle) is a real threat for that title. Average height (1.81) but is Very athletic and has a lot of 'air time'. Used to be a real showkeeper but has limited that somewhat. Ajax refused to loan him out for a consecutive season and VErmeer will now head into the new campaign as Maarten Stekelenburg's backup. Meaning he's ahead of Dennis Gentenaar, an experienced and very decent tender, on the depthchart. Like most Dutch goalkeepers, Vermeer likes to be involved in plays and has great ballhandlings. He just has to hope Stekelenburg underperforms or makes a move abroad, as Vermeer seems ready to be a starter.

Did you know Kenneth Vermeer won the EC U21 with Holland this past summer? He started in all of the games, allowing 3 goals while being named 3rd best goalkeeper of the tournament.

11) Ryan Babel (W/S - Ajax - Holland - 86) 9.0D Kluivert/Henry

Picture & Clip

After a very promesing rookie season, Babel, like most Ajacieden, took a little fall this past season. He got out of favor with Danny Blind and with the arrival of Huntelaar, his dream of starting at centre forward were demolished. He had to accept a role on the bench and try to earn some minutes as a left winger. It worked, somewhat. As Ryan Babel still managed to appear in 25 games, scoring twice while setting up 3 more. Ryan Babel is not looking like the 18 year old stud in the making when he plays from the wing, and has expressed his toughts about playing wing several times. It looks like he just has to accept it now that Huntelaar is here for a full season. Not only that, but with Manuacharyan and Mitea healthy, Rosenberg and Perez capable of playing LW, Babel might be in for another dissapointing season. However, expect Babel to skyrocket on this list once Huntelaar leaves and he's able to fill in the striker position. As Ryan Babel might very well posses more natural talent and upside than any of the ones mentioned above (or below) him, for maybe except Quincy Owusu.

Did you know Babel is from the projects and is serious about following a rap career?

12) Tomas Vermaelen (CB/LB - Ajax - Belgium - 85) 8.0B


Vermaelen's career just skyrocketed during the past few months. After being with the Ajax selection two seasons ago, Vermaelen was judged too lightly and unexperienced and was loaned out to RKC. He impressed a lot there and Ajax got him back prior to the start of last season. During his first 5 games with Ajax, he was voted man of the match 3 times and eventually became a core member of the 2005/2006 squad, even scoring 3 goals. Vermaelen is a very smart defender who relies on positioning and mobility. He's much stronger than he appears and has a good mentality. Stands his ground in one on one battles and is strong in the air. Owns a decent long cross and can be the foundation of succesful attacks. He has it all to become a succesful defender abroad someday, but questions remain how he would perform against more physical opponents as he already has had plenty of troubles with Dirk Kuijt. Playing side by side with Jaap Stam might have Vermaelen developing even further.

Did you know Vermaelen became a Belgian international this year?

13) Quincy Owusu-Abeyie (W/S - Arsenal/Spartac Moscow - Holland - 86) 9.5E

Picture & Clip

Quincy Owusu-Abeyie, quite a story. In terms of pure technical talent, Owusu might be the best prospect in the world. Unfortunately for him, there are more things involved in being a succesful football player. After dominating with Arsenal's youth team, even scoring 4 times in one game, Owusu made the first team. However, he didn't feel like waiting and decided to go to Spartac Moscow. QOA is a player with endless moves, he does them all the time, sometimes without reasoning but often also with a lot of efficiency. One of the fastests players in the world, Owusu is also strong physicaly, making it very hard to knock him off the ball, even at full speed. Pair that with his tecnique and you have a deadly weapon. His shot is hard, but not as accurate as he'd like. People also tend to view him as being selfish, but I think that's overblown. He just likes to make his actions, and with such skills, I don't blame him. Whenever he's near the goal he always passes when he isn't in a position to shoot, that or he creates room so he can shoot. Has a bit of a bad boy image as well. Has worked against him in the past. Not sure whether going to Moscow was the smartest move, but if he can mature and gain playing time, there's no reason why Owusu won't be one of the world's best players someday. Chances are slim though..

Did you know Quincy Owusu Abeyie was sent away from Ajax' youth ranks because of bad behaviour? Did you also know Quincy was arrested on April the 25th 2005 for fighting during an awardshow in London?

14) Ron Vlaar (CB - Feyenoord - Holland - 85) 8.5D Stam


Tall (1.89), physicaly imposing defender. Very sound positionally and is faster than you'd think. A beast in the air and owns a shot you just don't want to run into. Inconsistent and tends to struggle with confidence issues at times, but easily one of the top defensive prospects of Holland, and probably even the world. Already played some games for Oranje and looks to be our future CB alongside Gijs Luirink, who just graduated.

Did you know Vlaar won the EC U21 with Holland this past summer? Vlaar started in all of the games and should've made the All-Star squad.

15) Haris Medunjanin (MF/S - AZ (loaned out to Sparta) - Holland - 85) 8.5C Zidane

Picture & Clip

Mendunjanin is a player who haven't seen a whole lot, but I've been very high on him for quite a while now. Only has 13 Eredivisie games under his belt, spread out over 2 seasons. Scored 3 times last season, mostly from long distance, and even dished out two assists as well. Is a tall, not very fast, but very techniqually gifted player. Uses his skillset very maturely, doesn't toys around. Ideally plays as an AM or as a SS. I'm guessing, but mostly hoping, that he will have a great season playing for Sparta.

Did you know Medunjanin was a fugitive from the war in former Yougoslavia when he was just 5 years old?

16) Jonathan de Guzman (MF - Feyenoord - Holland - 87) 8.5C Pirlo


De Guzman was named 2005's talent of the year and he hasn't looked back since. A master of the term 'two-way' as de Guzman can take out his man as well as contribute offensively. Jonathan de Guzman has already developed a knack for coming up big in the clutch. He reads play well, posseses good moves but can also be valueble controlling the play. Despite his stature, he's gotten the better end of several high end opponents, including Philipe Cocu. De Guzman could expect a call from Marco van Basten very soon now, he's that good.

Did you know de Guzman's father wanted his sons to play basketball but decided not to because of their size? De Guzman's brother, Julian, is playing for Deportivo now.

17) Tim Krul (G - Newcastle United - Holland - 88) 8.0D


Krul impressed so much during the U17 EC in Italy in 2005, that he had 7 English teams to chose from. Eventually he chosed for Newcastle, thinking he might have the best shot at starting for them someday. Krul is an all-round goalkeeper, possessing all of the goalkeeping facets. A bit nervous at times though, here and there he fumbles somewhat but is usually a very stable and consistent force in his own net. Very vocal.

Did you know Krul was named best keeper of the tournament during the EC U17 in Italy, where his team won silver? He also won bronze during the WC U17 a year later in Peru.

18) Diego Biseswar (MF - Feyenoord (loaned out to Heracles) - Holland - 88) 8.5D


Biseswar is known as an extremely talented, but hot headed kid. Appeared in 6 games for Feyenoord this year after making his debute the year before. Everything went well, Biseswar impressed a lot, even scoring a very important game winner during his debute. However, being the undiciplined boy that he is, he was dropped out of the first squad for bad behaviour. But, being a huge talent, Biseswar needed playing time and most of all needed to mature, hence Feyenoord loaning him out to Heracles. Expect him to start for Feyenoord next year if he has a good season. Still very young, but definitely has a huge shot at making big Oranje someday.

Did you know Biseswar is the youngest player to make his Feyenoord debute at the bare age of 16? Did you also know Biseswar won silver during the U17 EC and bronze during the WC U17 in Peru?

19) Nacer Barazite (RW/S - Arsenal - Holland - 91) 9.0D A more mobile, less on strenght relying Luca Toni


A huge talent, Barazite is an exciting young striker. He's a kid trapped in a man's body, as the only 15 year old Nacer already is 1.86, possibly growing out to well over 1.90 when he matures. Strong physically, especially for his age. Lost some explosiveness due to his growth, but makes up for it with technical skills. Good at guarding the ball, often preparing a turning move or a one/two to launch his lethal shot. Scored a lot with his head due to his size advantage.

Did you know Barazite's parents refused to let their son join Arsenal? The club then offered them a job with the team and a house nearby the stadium. Did you also know Barazite has an 18 year old brother, Younes who was deemed every bit as good, but had to quit due to having pfeiffer?

20) Dirk Marcellis (CB - PSV - Holland - 88) 8.5D John Terry


If everything works out well, Marcellis might go on to become the best center back prospect the Dutch have had since Jaap Stam. A leader in the purest form, Marcellis is a stable and reliable force who's not afraid to play it the nasty way. With PSV's selection right now, and with Ooier possibly moving to the Premiership, it opens up a vacant CB position. If Marcellis continues to have a strong pre-season and Ronald Koeman isn't afraid to handle big responsibilities to youngsters, Marcellis might very well see himself playing side by side with Alex da Costa. There are worse scenarios imaginable for the 17 year old stud in the making.. All this depends on the departure of Ooier though, and even if he leaves, they might try and get a replacement instead of inserting Marcellis. He's still awfully raw and young ofcourse.

Did you know Marcellis was the captain of the U17 squads which won silver and bronze during the EC and WC respectively? Did you also know that Marcellis has played in more young Oranje games than any other player ever has before? Not only that, but did you also know that Marcellis won Limburgs biggest sporttalent award in 2005?

21) Stijn Schaars (LMF/DM - AZ - Holland - 84) 7.0A

Picture & Clip

Schaars is one of those smart, hard working players who can really carry teams due to his fighting spirit and vocal skills. Never quits and always gives it all, always trying to be the perfect rolemodel for his teammates. Underrated dribbler, and owns a hard, accurate shot, which he rarely ever uses (unfortunately). Can contribute offensively with 'tape to tape passes' (hey, it's a hockeyboard afterall) as witnessed during the EC U21 where he had 2 crucial assists.

Did you know Stijn Schaars captained the U21 to the European title this past summer? Did you also know Stijn Schaars is Evilo's favorite player in the entire world?

22) Ibrahim Afellay (RMF - PSV - Holland - 86) 8.0B

Picture & Clip

Afellay went from a 2 game season in 2004, a 7 game season in 2005 to suddenly playing 23 games for PSV last season. Proving that his development is going nicely as planned. Afellay didn't start in all of those 23 games, and because he never quite knew whether he would start or not, it seemed as if he wasn't always prepared. In 7 games in 2005, Afellay scored 2 goals. Last season, in 23 games, Afellay scored 2 goals as well. Just like the statistics show, Afellay is progressing by baby steps. First comes playing time, then comes locking up a starting place on the squad, then the goals and assists will come. He is aware of this and is willing to work hard. Afellay remains a highly touted prospect who always overlooks the situation. Will dribble or shoot if he finds no one to pass it to, as he isn't very fond of going backwards. Also has a lot of technical skills.. Expect Afellay to start in most of the games for PSV this season, scoring around 5 goals is not out of the question. This also might be the year where Afellay might make his Oranje debute. He already was selected in the past but never had to dress up.

Did you know Afellay missed the U21 EC due to injury and had to see how his teammates won the tournament from his couch? Afellay lead the teams in assists during qualification.

23) Moubarek Boussoufa (MF - Anderlecht - Holland - 84) 8.0C

Picture & Clip

Boussoufa wasn't good enough to break through with Ajax and found a home in London where he played a while for Chelsea before heading to Belgium. Boussoufa managed to impress a lot in the Jupiler league, even winning the award for best player. Like most Dutch-Maroccans, Boussoufa is a highly gifted player who combines speed and finess paired with a lethal, accurate shot.

Did you know Moubarek Boussoufa once entered a 'keep the ball-up competition' during warming up of an Ajax game when he was 13 years old? He stopped when he was at 900 since he wanted the game to start. Pretty funny, you have to check it out: Link

Did you also know Boussoufa's transfer to Anderlecht was the most expensive one in history of Belgian League football?

24) Nicolae Mitea (W - Ajax - Romania - 85) 8.0D Martins (minus physical part)

Picture & Clip

Had an outstanding rookie season in 2004, where he had 7 goals and 5 assists and even being named 'talent of the year'. Things were looking bright for Ajax at left wing, untill 2005 that is, as Mitea injured his knee and was out 9 months. He finished rehabilitating not too long ago and has been playing with the team for a few weeks now before again, yup, injuring himself. Luckily not very seriously, but it does show how fragile he really is. If he's healthy and in form, Mitea is one of the fastest players in the world. Controls his dribbles well, even at full speed and scores easily when he's in the box. If Mitea wasn't as fragile and was a little bit stronger on his feet, he might be one of the top wingers in the world someday. But he's still young, so it might actually happen someday, though I'm not holding my breath.

Did you know Mitea has spent more time rehabilitating than actually playing when he joined Ajax 3 years ago?

26) Moussa Dembele (S/SS - AZ - Belgium - 87) 8.5D Thierry Henry


Dembele is a very down to earth, smart kid with a lot of ambitions and most of al, a crapload of potential. Enjoyed an awesome rookie season with Willem II, scoring in double digits and even earning a call-up for his national squad. Dembelé has a lot of simularities to Thierry Henry in that both are strikers who rely on speed and vision, they're even build the same as well. Dembelé also has a lot of ways to finish and can also function as a shadow striker. Could play wing as well seeing his skillset. Not much of a playmaker, Dembelé might go on to become a superstar someday. I won't be surprised when he scores 20+ goals in the Eredivisie in a year or two and then do the same in a bigger league. I'm a pretty big fan of his. Could work on his heading, his playmaking and ofcourse overcome the inconsistency bug.

Did you know Dembele chosed AZ over Real Madrid, Bayern München, PSV, Feyenoord and Ajax when he decided to leave Willem II this past summer?

27) Jan Verthongen (CB/MF - Ajax - Belgium - 87) 8.0C A mix of Frank and Ronald de Boer


Vertonghen has been highly thought of for a while now and has managed to officially crack Ajax' squad for next season. A huge accomplishment for the 18 year old. Vertonghen captained several youth teams to national title's and is known as a mature, calm, reliable, all-round force. Won't impress you with speed or even tricks, Vertonghen just knows what to do in the field. Great mentality, a beast in the air and is very firm on the ball. Might have to concentrate himself on his secondary position (DSMF) as he won't crack our defensive line just yet.

Did you know that, because of an injury occuring, Ajax had to give the ball back to their opponents (Cambuur) and Jan Vertonghen decided to give it a long sweep forward? It ended up being a goal! Ajax then let Cambuur score freely to equal the score.. Here's a clip Clip, pretty funny.

28) Royston Drenthe (LB - Feyenoord - Holland - 87) 8.0C Mario Melchiot


Drenthe is one of Feyenoord's biggest talents. He's very, very strong physically, has the speed to keep up with the fastest wingers and strikers and can contribute a lot offensively. Might fill in the LB position for Feyenoord this year. He's left a good impression so far but coach Erwin Koeman has a trouble with his age (18).

Did you know Drenthe was named Oranje's best player during the Toulon youth tournament, where his team reached the finals this year?

29) Emmanuel Boakye (RB - Ajax (loaned out to Heracles) - Holland - 85) 7.5B Trabelsi


Boakye pretty much earned a call-up out of nowhere last season. He suddenly had to step in and replace one of the top RB's of the world. Surprisingly enough, Boakye did so extremely well, that Trabelsi sat on the bench even when he was healthy. Boakye shares a lot of simularities with Hatem Trabelsi as well. In fact, I think he's a carbon copy. Needs to gain experience and with the arrival of Ogararu, Boakye was able to be loaned out.

Did you know Boakye was actually born in Ghana but can still decide for which country he might play for? If he continues to play like he has for another season or two, a call up from van basten will then only be a matter of time.

30) Nigel de Jong (RMF - Hamburg SV - Holland - 84) 7.5B

Picture & Clip

Nigel de Jong moved to HSV in the mids of last season. He only had 6 months remaining of his contract and leaving during the season still got Ajax a decent sum (1M). De Jong is a very all-round player. Started out as a RB but possessed too much offensive skill to play so low in the line up. He also isn't the tallest guy around which might have had a part in the decision. De Jong is techniqually gifted, has a great dribble but is not always a great decision maker. Has speed, a good shot, very, very clutch, is versatile and has a great mentality, he just is highly inconsistent. It will likely prevent him from ever becoming a real star.

Did you know Nigel de Jong opened a little football field in his home neighberhood to keep the children from criminally active? Picture

31) Dwight Tiendalli (SB - Utrecht - Holland - 85) 7.5B


Dwight Tiendalli's path to succes was a rather familiar route. Went through Ajax' youth ranks, couldn't get a call-up and decided to move. Utrecht was as smart as picking him up. Tiendalli, like most who went through Ajax' system, has above average technical skills and likes to join the attack a lot, which resulted in 2 goals and 2 assists last season. Owns a good dribble for a defender. Positionally sound but can be overenthousiastic at times. Should toughen up a bit more. Sometimes challanges too softly. Declined on the options of moving to Real Betis and Feyenoord this past summer. He wants to be sure of playing time, saying it will be crucial for his development. I wish more players were as smart..

Did you know Tiendalli won the European title with Oranje U21 this past summer and was voted best right back of the tournament?

32) Daniël de Ridder (RMF/RW - Ajax/Celta de Vigo - Holland - 84) 8.5E Christiano Ronaldo/Redondo

Picture & Clip

Daniël de Ridder, 'the eternal talent', he's kind of like the lost child. Just blessed with technique and great dribbling skills, but became the doom of his own confidence. Wanted to leave Ajax as he felt he didn't have anything to prove in the Eredivisie anymore (after 30 games). Landed on the bench because of it for an entire season before Ajax reached an agreement with Celta de Vigo. Seems to get enough playing time there but whether he actually develops is another thing. He could have been at the top of the list if he had a more down to earth mentality. His upside was and perhaps still is massive. One of few prospects, or players for that matter, in the world who can really, really embarass opponents. He and Quaresma are quite simular. But my money is on neither to eventually realise their potential.

Did you know de Ridder won the European title with Oranje U21 this past summer? Did you also know de Ridder was 3rd in voting the sexiest footballer of the world (Beckham, Ronaldo being 1/2)?

33) Donovan Slijngard (LB/LCB/LMF - Ajax - Holland - 87) 8.0D


I'm assuming Slijngard is quite unknown to most of you, but when I mention that he won Ajax' 'youth talent of the year-award' last season, I'm sure he'll be kept an eye on. Won the award by own surprise as he felt the 2 year younger Vurnon Anita had it all locked up. Owns a great acceleration and reads the game extremely well. Plays a lot like Edgar Davids in that he doesn't quit fighting before he has the ball. Has a lot of offensive potential as well, as he can work his way to the cornerflag and provide the necessary cross.

Did you know Slijngard won the award for best talent in the Ajax youth ranks this year? Considering the previous winners (van der Vaart, Heitinga, Sneijder, Vermeer, Maduro and Murat Yildirim), his future looks to be extremely bright.

34) Edgar Manucharyan (W/S/SS - Ajax - Armenia - 87) 8.5D

Picture & Clip

Manucharyan, quite a talent. He will enter his 2nd season with the club but has appeared in only 5 games or so. Awfully gifted and not afriad to showcase some moves to please the crowd. Owns an accurate cross but prefers to create an oppertunity for himself. Unlikely to start for Ajax this year, altough I sure hope he does. Ideal position is striker, but can also play on the wing. He has stiff competition at both positions. Just recently Lyon showed interest but I figure Ajax will try to enjoy Edgar for more than just 5 games before making money of off him. Check the compilation above though, that's pretty much what I have seen of him.

Did you know Manucharyan was named Armenian football player of the year when he was just 17 years old? Did you also know he chosed Ajax above Real Madrid, PSV, Chelsea and Fiorentina because it was his most favorite club in the world growing up?

35) Vincent van den Bergh (AM/RW - Arsenal - Holland - 88) 8.5C


Vincent van den Bergh is a winger from the superb 88/89 generation who relies alot on his speed to make it to the corner flag and provide a hard, but perfectly excuted cross. There's a lot of accuracy in everything that he does, be it passing or shooting. Has the ability to deke out opponents, whether he stands still or is in motion. Already played a few games with Arsenal and has gotten a lot of praise from Arsene Wenger so far. Let's just hope he made the right decision.

Did you know van den Bergh was one of 7 Dutch players who could sign a contract with a Premierleaue club after winning bronze during the WC U17 in Peru, but only he and goalkeeper Krul (Newcastle) did? Anita, Biseswar, Sarpong and Goossens (all Chelsea) decided not to, whereas Marcellis (United) didn't either. Emnes and Zaalman both reportedly declined on offers as well.

36) Patrick Gerritsen (RW/S - Twente - Holland - 87) 8.0D


Had a strong 2005/2006 pre-season but with Blaisse N'Kufo already playing striker, management let Gerritsen concentrate on the wing, as they persisted on playing him. He didn't dissapoint, either. The 17/18 year old went on to have an outstanding season, scoring 6 goals in 24 games, assisting on 2 more. Gerritsen is a smart forward who media feels will make Oranje some day. Already very all-round as he possesess all the right ingredients to become a great striker someday. Speed, physical strenght and has a knack for knowing when and where to be. Outstanding sniper skills as well. Expect Gerritsen to score in double digits next season if all goes well. I can't imagine him staying with Twente much longer.

Did you know Gerritsen won the EC U21 with Oranje this past summer? He never saw much playing time (Huntelaar) but managed to impress international scouts nonetheless.

37) Marvin Emnes (RW/MF/S - Sparta - Holland - 88) 8.0C


Marvin Emnes is the first of the outstanding 88/89 generation who scored his professional goal last season, and it proved out to be the game winner as well. He appeared in 11 games for Sparta and somehow they won more whenever he was in the line-up. Isn't as cocky in the field as he used to be while playing with players of his age, a little bit nervous perhaps, but you can clearly see the potential. Like most of his generation, his game relies a lot on his gifted technique and speed.

Did you know Marvin Emnes won silver during the U17 EC and Bronze during the WC U17?

38) Jeffrey Hoogervorst (CB - Real Madrid - Holland - 84) 8.0D


Hoogervorst is yet another former Ajax product who was sent away because he wasn't judged good enough. Ended up with Sporting Gijón in the Segunda Division, appearing in 25 games, of which he started the final 17. He impressed enough for Real Madrid to sign him and he's been with them (or their youth team) ever since. Apparantly making pretty big noise in Spain considering his age, but I haven't quite kept track of him since he went away. Being sent away from Ajax doesn't mean a whole lot, btw. Arjen Robben, Mark van Bommel and Jaap Stam are just 3 examples of players who went through some of the youth ranks and had to leave.

Did you know Hoogervorst was 'forgotten' by coach Foppe de Haan when he selected his EC U21 squad last season?

39) Per Weihrauch (W/S - Chelsea - Denmark - 88) 8.0D


Per Weihrauch is a Danish striker who was part of one of the greater Ajax-generations since the 83/84's. Won a lot of titles alongside teammates Anita, Sarpong and Goossens. Was allowed to leave the club, as management felt he was injured too often, not offering him a new contract. Now with Chelsea, the tricky striker likes playing the off-side trap. Could need some work on his finishing to be even more deathly. Very all-round.

Did you know Weihrauch ended up with Chelsea on advice from former Danish and Ajax great Sĝren Lerby?

40) Melvin Zaalman (RW/RMF - Sparta Rotterdam - Holland - 88) 8.0D


Lightning fast, gifted technique, good in crowded areas, good, quick passing work. Has some weaknesses too (hard but sometimes overenthousiastic shot, judged too selfish at times and has poor balance) but has it all to become a stud winger someday. Will likely make his official debute this season.

Did you know Melvin Zaalman won silver during the U17 EC and Bronze during the WC U17?

41) José "Pepe" Plá Moya (LB - PSV - Spain - 87) 8.0D


Former captain of the Spanish U18 squad. Went through the youth ranks of Valencia but because he couldn't break through he decided to look elsewhere. Chosed PSV over several English clubs.. Might see his debute this season though he's still awfully young.

Did you know Pepe chosed PSV because of Guus Hiddink, who coached Valencia earlier in his career?

42) Martijn van der Laan (LCB/LB - Groningen - Holland - 88) 8.0D


Very strong physically, a lot of speed for a defender and a rocket of a shot. Idolizes Roberto Carlos and likes to compare his game to him. Rushes a lot and likes to cover as much of the left flank as possible. Need to calm down under pressure situations and could improve his right leg. Other than that, he's one of the top defensive prospect of Holland and has a serious shot at making the big squad some day. But up first is making his professional debute for FC Groningen, which will more than likely happen this season.

Did you know Martijn van der Laan won silver during the U17 EC and Bronze during the WC U17?

43) Jordy Buijs (CB/RB - Feyenoord - Holland - 88) 8.0D


Buijs is probably Feyenoord's biggest talent on defense. Has great winning mentality, a strong and powerful header and never quits. Considers his passing and ability to overlook the situation as his two strongest points. But can be more vocal on the pitch. Might make his debute this season and enjoy a fine career from there on. He's perfectly suited for the Premierleague and I won't be surprised if he ends up there someday. Quite possibly a future Oranje international..

Did you know Jordy Buijs won silver during the U17 EC and Bronze during the WC U17?

44) Tim Vincken (W - Feyenoord - Holland - 86) 7.5C


A real handy, dandy winger with a lot of lust in his game. Small in stature.. runs a lot, has a lot of speed and always seems to deliver his cross. Already made his debute last season but injuries prevented him from playing a lot. Will try to earn playing time this year, but with Castelen on the right flank, it might prove out to be a very hard task. Concentrating himself on the leftside might be a better idea, as he is capable of playing there..

Did you know Vincken was a huge Feyenoord fan before they came knocking on his door when he was just 9 years old?

45) Nassir Maachi (RW/LW - Utrecht - Holland - 85) 8.0D


Made his debute for FC Utrecht this past season and it proved out to be a stellar one. He scored twice, including the winner as well as assisting on one more to complete a stunishing debute. Utrecht is always very cautios with their youngsters and Maachie is no exception. Despite his outstanding debute, Nassir Maachie had to accept his minor role on the bench and appeared in only 9 games there after, still managing to score another goal and assist. He's not your prototype winger who heads for the backline where he delivers a cross. Maachie just runs with the ball and just awaits where the situation takes him. He is very fast and likes to cutt back inside for the shot. Haven't seen him a whole lot, but might need to bulk up and improve his strenght. Surprisingly good with the head.

Did you know that Maachi's debute stands as the most productive Eredivisie debute in history (modern age at least)?

46) Robbert Schilder (LCB/LB/LMF - Ajax - Holland - 86) 7.5B


Made his debute for Ajax last season. Schilder is an all-round and versatile player. Calm on the ball and a fighter off the ball. He might just be a Cocu in the making. Will challenge Emanuelson for time at the left flank. Will likely appear in at least 10+ games next year.

Did you know he was named man of the match vs Feyenoord this past season? Not only did he had Kalou in his pocket, he also provided the game tying assist.

47) Jermaine Lens (SS/S - AZ - Holland - 87) 8.0D


Lens is another former Ajax product who was sent away. Played with AZ A1 vs Ajax A1 and despite the fact his team lost (no surprise, Ajax dominates youth on every level), he just toyed with a lot of his former teammates. He embarrassed it's defense and its player frequently and management must have had second thoughts whether they did good sending Lens away like that. Like most current Dutch products, Lens has a gifted technique which he isn't afraid to use. Fast with or without the ball and owns a hard, deadly shot. Inaccurate dribble's at times though, often wanting too much. Made his debute last season, a short one (5 minutes but a debute nonetheless). With the current AZ selection right now and despite AZ's rediculous depth, Lens might actually see some minutes this year. Will be a major part of AZ's core for the future.

Did you know Lens was last season's top goalscorer in his age competition (Nike A-junioren Eredivisie) with 19 goals?

48) Rydell Poepon (AM/SS/S - Ajax - Holland - 88) 8.0D


If Babel, for some odd reason, stops developing, Ajax will have another waiting in the wing. Poepon plays a lot like him, possessing the same technique and shot technique he's often fooled goalkeepers with. Not as fast as Babel is. Relatively big and strong physical. Not really a one on one challenger as his dribbling isn't top notch. A rocket of a shot though.. Officially with the Ajax squad heading into next season, and that's an accomplishment on its own. First position is striker, but so is that of Huntelaar, Rosenberg, Babel, Manucharyan and Charisteas. Will likely apear in a game here and there, but can't imagine him making any noise just yet. We would have to wait another year for that. However, with Huntelaar, Manucharyan, Poepon, Babel and Goossens, Ajax' won't have to worry about who will score for them within the next few years. They might very well have the best crop of young strikers in the world. Hence it won't be a surprise if Poepon only plays in a few games.

Did you know Poepon finished the Nike A-junioren Eredivisie tied for 2nd in the goalscorer ranks alongside teammate John Goossens with 15 goals?

49) Kemy Agustien (S - AZ (loaned out to Roda JC) - Holland - 86) 8.0D Kluivert


Deemed as a huge talent, Agustien might pop out to be the most complete striker of this entire list. Has been with Willem II since he was 7, and already has played in 55 professional games for them before he was even 20. Quick, smart striker who often seems hesitated to shoot. Passes a lot and likes to be a playmaker, evidential in his statistics (2 goals and 5 assists last season). Is strong on all facets but needs to become more selfish.

Did you know Agustien was the youngest player to appear in all of the 34 Eredivisie games this past season?

50) Lee Nguyen (MF - PSV - USA - 86) 8.0D


Lee is hard to rank. Like most American young sportsmen, Lee was tremendously hyped before coming to Holland. Due to this I'm having trouble ranking him. If he's as good as they say he is, Lee might move up a few spots, if not, 50 might be a little generous considering the talents I left out in favor of him. Lee Nguyen (pronounced 'win'), an American born with Vietnamese roots, is supposed to be the 2nd best talent coming out of the USA after Freddy Adu. Made his debute last season and not really sure whether he was popular before his debute, but he sure was after it. Played for 30 minutes coming in for fellow contryman Beasley, Nguyen impressed the crowd with some spectacular moves and sound dribbles. Considered a phenom and megatalent in the US, Nguyen will try and earn some minutes at midfield for PSV this season. He'll likely compete with Beasley, Afellay and Aissati. If he meets his potential, Lee might become the player PSV are urgently missing right now (connection guy between midfield and forward).

Did you know Lee was named National Freshman of the Year by Soccer America and Soccer Times and was a first team Freshman All-American according to Soccer America, Soccer Times and College Soccer News when he was just 17 years old? Led the U-18's with four goals at the Copa Chivas Tournament in Guadalajara, Mexico in January of 2005 and was ranked eighth-best player and third-best midfielder in the country by in 2005.

Just missing the boat:

--) Fred Benson (S - Vitesse - Holland - 84) 7.0B


Another Ajax cast away, Benson is a strong player who relies alot on his physical strenght and perseverance. Despite being born in Ghana, Benson was invited to join Oranje for the U21 squad which won the title this past summer. Didn't play a lot. Might be looking at 10+ goals if all goes well next year. Love his spirit, enthousiasm and his shot. Good player (not great)..

Did you know Benson was the highest scoring substitute of the Eredivisie last season, with 7?

--) Collins John (S - Fullham - Holland - 85) 8.0C Hasselbaink

Picture & Clip

Moved to England at an early age. Finished last season as Fullham's leading goalscorer with 11. A real sucky striker when things aren't going for him, but can be a real tank and impossible to stop when he's on. Strong as an oak, shakes off defenders like they are kids and has a devastating shot. Master at scoring garbage goals as well. Needs to be used properly to be effective

Did you know Collins John already had 20 Premierleague goals on his name before he reached the age of 21?

--) Johan Vonlanthen (S - PSV/Red Bull Salzburg - Switserland - 86) 8.0E


Vonlanthen is turning out to become an enternal talent if he isn't careful. It will only take a few minutes of your time to see that Vonlanthen has everything to become a star but for some odd reason doesn't seem to care about the team. Was runner up to Senderos in Swiss talent of the year in 2003, Vonlanthen was not able to break through with PSV, loaned out to Serie A's Brescia but didn't work out there, either and eventually was loaned out to NAC later that year. With NAC, Vonlanthen just had an unfortunate situation where team legend Pierre van Hooijdonk (who has everything to say there) wanted different players walking around up front. Despite this, Vonlanthen still managed to score 6 goals (enough to be named club goalscorer). PSV was unimpressed with the progression Vonlanthen showed during his 3 years and rich Red Bull Salzburg of Trappatoni and Matheaus quickly picked him up.

Did you know Vonlanthen is the youngest player to have ever scored at an EC?

--) Mark van den Boogaart (DM - Betis Sevilla - Holland - 85) 7.5C


Left Feyenoord for the Primera Division earlier last year. Not sure how he's been doing, haven't heard or kept track of him to be honest. Scrappy player.

--) Edgar Barreto (LMF - NEC - Paraguay - 84) 7.5B

Picture, Clip I & Clip II

Paraguayan international, Barreto is a skillful midfielder with one of the better shots of the entire competition. Likes to demand the ball and dictate the game, great technique. Poor defensive comittment, inconsistent and needs to toughen up. Supposedly went to Feyenoord this year (and the previous year) but NEC's asking price of 8 million remains an obstable. Has quite some big teams chasing him, might be his last year in Holland. For some reason played LB during the WC, don't ask me why.

Did you know that Barreto's 3 goals last season were all game winners?

--) Wout Brama (MF - Twente - Holland - 86) 7.5C


Just stepped in and played a full season right from the get go. Eventually working his way up in becoming a key member. Likes to concentrate on his opponent though he isn't a natural defensive midfielder. Mature, relax player on the field. Good passing work, good shot, good mentality. Just all-round good, but nothing great.

01) Arjen Robben (W - Chelsea - Holland - 84) 9.0A Cruijff

Picture & Clip

With van der Vaart, Huntelaar, van Persie, Luirink and Heitinga being graduated, Robben now is the cream of the crop in terms of Dutch products. Already on this list for 3 years, Robben can savely claim to be world's greatest winger. Robben is very lightfeeted, making it very hard for opponents to charge. His quick acceleration, his top speed, his technique and eye for the goal makes him a joy to watch. Sometimes viewed as selfish, Robben also has the famous diver tag. According to him, he had to just to avoid the nasty tackles coming his way. It has gotten him the diver tag, but it prevented him from getting injured.

Did you know Robben was actually scouted by PSV by accident? PSV scouted immensly touted Jordi Hoogstrate when they saw Robben and just 'took him along' as well. Little did they know.. Robben managed to become the best winger in the world while Hoogstrate always coped with injuries and mental problems.

Honorable mentions:

- Roy Beerens (F - PSV - Holland - 87) 8.0D made his debute last season. Very skillful
- Mohammed Faouzi (S - FC Utrecht - Holland - 87) 8.0D crowned best player of the A-junior Eredivisie, ahead of a lot of players on this list.
- Rudy Vormer (DM/RM - AZ - Holland - 88) 7.5D Of the superb 88/89 generation. Will make his debute this season.
- Stefano Goncalves (AM - Excelsior - Holland - 87) 7.5D Runner up to Faouzi as best 18 year old in the country.
- Michel Hemmen (S - FC Volendam - Holland - 87) 7.5D Top goalscorer of the A-jnioren Eredivisie
- Jelle de Bock (D - PSV - Holland - 88) 8.0D Cracked PSV's squad beating out Marcellis for the job.
- Joran Pot (S - FC Twente - Holland - 88) 8.0D Named best player of the B-junioren Eredivisie (16/17 years)
- Hanne Hagary (W/S - Feyenoord - Holland - 89) 8.0D major Feyenoord talent. Highly gifted
- Christian Supusepa (LB/CB - Ajax - Holland - 89) 8.0D Typical Ajax defender; gifted ballhandlings, fast and strong positionally.
- Ratko Vansimpsen (Willem II - Belgium- 89) finished 3rd in MVP voting in the B-junior Eredivisie.
- Michel Poldervaart (F - Feyenoord - Holland - 88) 8.0D Expected to get a call-up soon. A star in youth soccer.
- Manuel Da Costa (D - PSV - Portugal - 86) 7.5D Came over from Nancy where he played 10 games. Portugese U21 international as well.
- Ryan Donk (CB/SB - RKC - Holland - 86) 7.0C Decent defender. Hard nosed but sloppy at times. Aweome for Oranje during Toulon tournament.
- Otman Bakkal(W/S - PSV (loaned out to Eindhoven) - Holland - 85) 6.5B Has the perfect package but somehow can't get past the 'decent' tag.
- Derk Boerrigter (LW - Ajax - Holland - 86) 8.0D Ajax won the race for this talent last year, beating out some big teams.
- Murat Yilderim (MF - Ajax - Holland - 85) 8.5E Ajax talent of the year in 2005. Gifted DM can't seem to break through.
- Ferdi Sönmez (AM/S - Arsenal/Ado Den Haag - Holland - 89) 8.0D Appears to join Arsenal. Young, but great talent.
- Kevin Wattamaleo (AMF/S - Feyenoord - Holland - 88) 7.5D Slowly, but surely getting there. Will make Feyenoord debute soon.
- Leandro Resida (SS - Ajax - Holland - 89) 7.5D One of the greater 89 talents of Ajax
- Mounir el Hamdaoui (W/S - Tottenham - Holland - 84) 7.5D Extremely gifted. Lost track, not sure he's still Tottenham property. Poor team player
- Jeffrey Altheer (SB - Feyenoord - Holland - 87) 7.5D Lovely talent but not a standout. Debute should be near if he tries hard..
- Ayodele Adelaye (LB/CB - Sparta - Nigeria - 88) 7.0D youngest Eredivisie player this season. Also the youngest Nigerian of his U20 squad.
- Aykut Demir (DM - NAC - Turkey - 88) 8.0D Made debute last season. One of better talents of the Turkish U17/18/20 teams.
- Erik Pieters (CB - FC Utrecht - Holland - 88) One of the better CB's of his age group.
- Rihairo Meulens (S - Vitesse - Holland - 88) 8.0D Vitesse won the race for this talent. Cracked their first squad, will impress this year.
- Daley Blind (CB - Ajax - Holland - 90) 8.5D Major talent but very raw. Won best player award during tournament in Turkey this year.
- Chakib Tayeb (S - Ajax - Holland - 87) 7.0B Not very long with the club, posseses a great technique in crowded areas. Deathly finisher as well.
- Javier Martina (SMF - Ajax - Holland - 87) 8.0D Skillful player, has what it takes to make Ajax 1 someday. A real player..
- Karim El Ahmadi (MF - Twente - Holland - 85) 7.5C Talented midfielder who worked his way up to starter this year.
- Ömer Özcelik (AM - Feyenoord - Holland - 88) 8.5D Has Turkish roots obviously, but has been major contributor of some Oranje youth squads. Feyenoord got him from Utrecht. Very big talent

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