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03-26-2013, 09:03 AM
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Originally Posted by jroc86 View Post
lol @ the amount of entitlement some Oiler fans have re: Dekeyser ... this is an org that has tanked, won lotteries, used Gretz and Coff to BEG Schultz and with all these high-end bluechip prospects where are they?

At the age of the "Fab 5" both Kane and Toews and Malkin and Crosby had ressurected dead franchises into deep playoff runs then a cup the following season. How many more years before these peices start getting shipped out to rebuild this team?

DD isnt a western Canadian boy and Idont see Gretz making the salespitch again.

If Edmonton get him - well, Ilook like a jackass. But I think Oilers have gotten the "gem" so many times recently that many are assuming ingood faith itll happen again. Imvery confident he comes to Det and ends up being a very formidible versatile 2nd pairing dman.

2 Years from now:
Smith Sproul
Kronwall Dekeyser
Ericsson Smith
Oullette Kindl
...Thats allot of internal depth going forward.
I don't think any Oiler fan is entitled. Any comments saying "OILERS SHOULD GET HIM LOL" is in jest and if anything, the Wings sound pretty entitled and certain he will sign with them.

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