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03-26-2013, 09:25 AM
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Originally Posted by koreaboy View Post
anyone hear ol' chum talking on the pregame show last night? donovan said that when he was with ottawa, damian rhodes was playing really well, their highest paid player, and then he had a high ankle sprain, and that was it. he was never the same, he never fully recovered. he'd have stretches where it was relatively ok and he'd play well, but then he'd tweak it again and that'd be it. it was scary to hear. maybe the treatment is better now or maybe anderson's isn't as bad as rhodes' was or maybe andy is tougher than rhodes was (not too difficult to envision that...), but it was scary to hear that there is a possibility that andy might never fully recover from this. simpson said the same thing. as a goalie, a high ankle sprain is one of the very worst injuries you can get. we can't trade a goalie this year.
Yeah, I mentioned it earlier, I had a high ankle in one of my last year's of competitive hockey. After 6 weeks I returned but I was gimpy as heck - had no business being on the ice. It was MONTHS before I really felt better.

But, of course, there are varying degrees of sprains and I think it waaaaay too extreme to think he'll never be the same. But I agree we should be careful to assume he'll be 100% this season. Glad we have sick depth.

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