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03-26-2013, 10:06 AM
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I love my RBZs; I have three.

I usually use a Tavares mid (85) flexx. One was cut down to about my bottom lip, the other about a quarter of an inch higher. As a defenseman I've been trying to keep my sticks longer, but I felt like I might be able to get more power on my point shots. I cut down one of them to about collarbone height to see how that would work out, and then bought a stiff (100) flex to give my shot more power behind it.

On the latter point, I noticed something about these sticks: occasionally I get off a snap shot so fast I don't even see it leave my stick, which is impressive since I'm a goalie and usually pick it up quickly. A couple times my shot would come off my stick, and then I had no idea where it went.. one time it almost hit the goalie in the head, and the other went in the net. I then noticed that the more I can get a shot off the heel of my stick, the less of that twist I end up getting, as it sometimes does off the toe. That's why I'm trying to cut down my stick and also use a greater flex; I'm seeing if I can use that rigidity to get more power, as I've been able to do with shots off the heel.

Have two games tonight, so I'll have to report back on my findings. But, either way, I love this stick. Durable (haven't broken any yet, and I've had them since before debut), great shot, accurate passes, no break-in time, and the whip hasn't broken down like my old V10 did.

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