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03-26-2013, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by GFORCE View Post
Reach or not, you guys laughed at everyone who kept saying Prust would end up getting injured being the only one to grind it out, fight, hit and agitate. Now that it happened, we're reaching?

Give me a break. You were in the left field on that one. But keep ignoring how he was reportedly having trouble with his shoulder for weeks before it happened, when the guy had been perfectly healthy in the 2 years before.

And keep bringing up ridiculous arguments such as "he injured his shoulder at his very first shift as a Canadiens by checking an opponent into the boards" when his first shift was 1 minute into the game, and his first registered hit was 13-14 minutes into the 1st period.
1) Don't worry, I still think it's ridiculous to suggest that Prust got hurt because he's the "only one" grinding it out. If he had gotten hurt in a fight where he was clearly outmatched, you might have a case. Instead, you're reaching.

2) For the zillionth time because I know you've been told this before: he hurt his other shoulder on the icing.

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