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03-26-2013, 10:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
who are not scoring. and have not been all year, save a handful of games [NYI / FLA / CAR / WPG /PITT]
A large part of them not scoring at even-strength has to do with our defensemen blowing the zone so quickly. We used to have no problem getting the puck into the offensive zone and then we'd cycle for days when we got in there. Now we have a difficult time getting out of our end and navigating the neutral zone (both problems due to some personnel changes and our defensive-minded approach this year) and when we get into the offensive zone, at the slightest hint of trouble our defenders abandon the zone, because many of them are poor skaters / are slow and because we're trying to be more defensively conscious and avoid a breakaway which has a 90% chance of turning into a goal when Bryz is in net.

Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
play better defense like they did vs PITT. they held them to 1 even strength [and 4 on 4, at that] goal.
It's not just that easy. You don't just say "play better defense" waive a magic wand, and Poof! you only give up 1 even strength goal per game. That's not how it works.

The Flyers have been trying to be a more defensively conscious team all season, as I said the defenders aren't pinching near as much as they used to and the forwards are quick to abandon the offensive zone to try and get back and help too. Very few of the breakaways and odd man rushes and quality scoring chances for the opponent have come as a result of us being too aggressive in the o-zone. The majority of the turnovers and subsequent quality scoring chances have occurred in our own zone and/or in the neutral zone off a poor breakout pass.

The breakdowns in our own zone & the netural zone aren't because we're a reckless offensive-minded team, they occur because a lot of our players just aren't that good in their own zone. That's why we brought Bryz in... he was supposed to be the stopper, the guy who would make up for those deficiencies. Sadly, he's fallen short. Way short.

The game 2 nights ago wasn't some defensive revelation from the Flyers, it wasn't the result of them altering their strategy drastically to be more defensive; they were playing the same way they have for the majority of the year. It just so happened that they made less mistakes last night. Unfortunately, that's not something you can rely on going forward as we've proven to be quite prone to mistakes.

Playing sheltered hockey isn't the answer for this team. You play to your team's strengths. We are an aggressive forechecking and pinching team and we need to get back to that, regardless of who is in net, otherwise we'll continue to lose games.

Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
& Bryz was great.
& they lost.

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