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Originally Posted by OHLTG View Post
How do you know they're less talented? Eric Locke was a 13th round pick (or was it 12th? I forget) and just scored 40 in the league. Posa was a 15th rounder (3rd from last??) and was one of the most reliable in the game. Then, look at how thin our depth was when we were down from injury or suspension. We were literally trying to figure out who was eligible to be called up. Didn't even have choices. Taking some kids who want to report, as opposed to NCAA-or-bust, is the way you gotta go in a draft like this. We don't have the luxury of having 7-8 kids report, so take a "why not?" option on 3-4 other kids who are NCAA-or-bust. With a handful of picks, total, get the kids who want to be here and worry about NCAA or otherwise down the road (unless they're 100% "I'll come to Windsor.").
How do we know they are less talented? Using Chief's cutoff of 6th rounders from the drafts of 06-10. 6th rounders or later that made the Spits 14 of 38 which is 36% but you need to look deeper and who those players are.

Patrick Murphy
Saverio Posa
Josh Malecki
Eric Locke
Michael Whaley
Michael Nishi

Now you have to eliminate certain players from this group who either never played much for Windsor or made an impact. Eliminate Turcotte, Seguin, Nishi, Feasey, Cortellessa, Malecki, Murphy. You may try and make some case about Cortellessa because the Spits got Marchese in a deal but Cortellessa is out of the OHL now. I don't think the Spits got much value back when they moved Feasey either.

So now we are down to 7 out of 38. Ryan, Campbell, Posa, Bowen, Whaley, Locke, and Bilcke. Bowen has done very little for this team in fact there's a good chance he doesn't even make the Spits next year looking at how many D are returning. So we are now down to 6 out of 38. I have nothing against Whaley and he made it work but he made his mark with Plymouth playing 2 full seasons. Locke has been the most productive but he only lasted half a season in Windsor. Give credit to Posa who has had a long and productive career. I don't think Bilcke has provided a lot of value while in Windsor but I guess he can be included. The most talented guys were flyer picks in Ryan and Campbell. Most productive Locke and Posa. So after looking closer it's closer to 5 or 6 out of 38 which is right around 15%.

Btw I respectfully disagree with the idea of having to get 7-8 players. Maybe they will get 1 or 2 from this draft but those late round picks won't have much of a chance because of 2 1st round import picks which should be 17 or 18 years old and around for a couple years. Then next year with having a 1st and 3 2nd rounders those players are more likely to be given a chance to make the team over a late round pick in 13 unless those picks this year knock the socks off management but it's doubtful. You're also expecting too much the Spits are down to 5 current scouts as opposed to the days when they had 10 scouts and drafting real good players. With fewer scouts you see fewer games, fewer prospects so your expectations are far too high. This organization is cutting corners now and what you see is reflected with the on ice performance the past 2 years.

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