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08-09-2006, 09:42 AM
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New Cba Will Sooner Or

later resemble the NFL style of salaries . I thought it would take a few more years , but you will see 1/4 of the players making 60 percent of your cap and or budget , and the rest will fight for scraps. I have no problem with players making as much as they can , but arbitration ,and greed will have teams with 4-6 players tying up most of your money. It will be a huge problem in the dressing room , and a ton of players like Anson Carter will be shut out of the money . If these arby awards continue at this pace , and if the cap ever drops , it will be fun to watch teams scramble for cover. Plus teams who blow thier brains out in an off season , won`t be buyers in future years. You either lock up your kids , like Columbus did wityh Klesa for 4 years at about $ 1.7 a year , and hope he improves , and he buys a few years of arbitration , or you walk away from an aging veteran like I think we do with Rivet if he starts commanding 4 mil a year , for a 4th dman.

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