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Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16 View Post
Jones also plays on a loaded Portland Winterhawks team. I would love to see what Nurse can do on a team that sports three one hundred point scorers and three sixty point scorers. In comparison, Nurse plays on a team with one one hundred point scorer and two sixty point scorers.

As for Nurse, he's right up there with Jones in terms of offensive ability. Nurse chose to be the shut down defender in the Soo this year and he still put up 40 points. He's considerably more physical than Jones and he's significantly a better defender.

I'm not harping on Jones, but the overrating that's going on with regards to Jones is borderline ridiculous. He's a fantastic player, but the difference between Jones and Nurse has closed significantly to the point that Nurse is considered by some scouting services to be possibly the number 2 player and depending on a Sault Ste Marie playoff run, could be the number one guy by the time all is said and done.

Funny story about Nurse. When the junior hockey year started, he wasn't even rated by ISS or CSB or any of the major scouting services. As of now, he's climbed to number 5. The only other person to see a ratings jump like that? Claude Giroux was the last guy who wasn't rated when his draft year started and climbed all the way to 24 by the time the season ended.
Both look like great players but if it were me, I would still choose some of the top end forwards ahead of them. Defensemen are so hard to predict at the NHL level because the number one characteristic of a elite NHL defensemen is decision making. Being able to make decisions at the speed of the NHL is impossible to predict because the pace of the lower levels in nowhere near that of the NHL. For every Doughty, OEL, and Piertangelo that was picked in the top 10 that have turned into franchise defensemen, there is Jack and Erik Johnson, Coburn, Bouwmeester, and Bogasian, decent defensemen but not franchise worthy. Also notice that a lot of those high picked defensemen are on their 2nd team bye now. When you choose a defensemen high, fans and the organization expect almost immediate results. Most struggle and end up traded. Even Pronger didn't prosper until he was on his 2nd team. Forwards tend to be easier to predict and the Flyers are especially good a recognizing talent at that position. With the amount of great defensemen that have come out of later rounds versus the dearth of great offensive players that have come later, I would choose forward first and 5-6 defensemen after. Maybe throw in a goaltender too.

Now with that being said, if the Flyers win the lottery they have to take Seth Jones or there would be a full fledge riot against management. Just be prepared for him to struggle for a few years at a bare minimum while the forwards chosen after him have almost immediate success. I would only choose Nurse if the top 5 forwards are off the boards: Drouin, Mackinnon, Barkov, Lindholm, and Monahan (Nichuskin has zero chance of being picked by the Flyers sadly).

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