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08-09-2006, 09:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Darz View Post
I wonder how accurately those stats are kept. I have a hard time believing 10 of the top 24 players in takeaways would come from just two teams. If these are the type of stats that the home team tracks, then it probablely makes sense, but...
I've taken a few cracks in the past at trying to keep track myself and compare. It's almost random noise sometimes. I think the fancy stats are somewhat interesting as a curiosity, and the accuracy for hits and faceoffs aren't *too* bad, but the rest, well... it's like reading the Hockey News anymore... you can do it (if you're bored) because, after all, it's related to hockey, and that automatically makes it interesting. But it doesn't really tell you anything you didn't already know. And for sure you can't compare players from team to team based on those stats.

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