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03-26-2013, 11:55 AM
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If Lacroix is still pulling the strings, and he's the brilliant mind behind a great master rebuilding plan, then why would he sign Jones to a four year deal at 4 million per year? Why is Zanon signed to a three year deal at 2.25 million per year?

Are these guys interim players that Lacroix plans on getting rid of before their contracts run their course? Does Lacroix expect these players to perform way better than they did this year in the next few years? Is Lacroix planning on waiting three more years before the Avs are competitive again? Did Sherman make some moves without Lacroix knowing about it?

My point is that either Lacroix isn't in charge anymore and this was Sherman's work or Lacroix's lost his effectiveness as a GM in the post cap era. What other explanation is there for Jones and Zanon being on the team for the next few years?

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