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Originally Posted by Blue Liner View Post
There are 95's galore this year that are moving on to play in the USHL and NAHL next year and of those many will surely move on to play Division I as happens every year. There are even more 96's that have committed to DI schools already that will be playing for their programs' Midget Major programs next year just like many '95's did this year who had already committed. Exceptions being some players who will get occasional call-ups throughout the season with USHL and NAHL clubs as was the case with some 95's this year. Many others without a Junior call-up this season that are moving on up.

As for as going Major Junior, I'm in agreement with you. Most who do it do so by the time they are at their final year of Midget eligibility.

This has kind of gotten away from the original poster's question, though. All this aside, you're still better off playing Midget Major than Junior B as a 17-18 year old/senior in high school. D-I, USHL, and NAHL scouts at every game in Midget Major. Not so much in Junior B.
Very few D1 committed players go from AAA direct to D1, many go the NDTP way or a couple of years of Jrs.

Very, very few will be playing Jr. A or D1 if the have not already moved on from AAA MM before they age out. Many 95's are already playing NAHL and USHL. The draft coming uo is for 96's already.

The rarity is someone undrafted, didn't make camp, non-D1 committed to suddenly appear on the radar in their final year of AAA MM.

If you have specific examples. I'd be glad to consider them, but they will remain the outliers.

btw-I went to the NCAA D1 Hockey site and looked at the 1st rosters listed to find Illinois guys. Found 5, some I know, none played MM their last year of eligibility. Most actually played MM underage and then moved on.

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