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03-26-2013, 12:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Old Navy Goat View Post
I think the Nucks also felt that Schroeder could come in and easily replace Hodgson's minutes without causing the 'problems' that Gillis felt were associated with him.
Originally Posted by Myllz View Post
That and I'm sure they figured Kesler would be healthy. Him being constantly out of the lineup hurts them the most.
I suppose I should have clarified that the timing of the trade and the situation the Nucks were in at the time of the trade were big reasons for me thinking it was a stupid move.

The Nucks were heading towards the President's trophy and were a Cup fav heading into last season's trade deadline. Hodgson was 4th in goals scored (16g) and 4th in PP points at the time of the trade. He added quality scoring depth to a team that frankly had little beyond the Sedins' line and Kesler (himself not his line). He also gave them quality depth at center which we know is important for any team looking to make a Cup run.

At the deadline, when teams in the Nucks position are looking to shore up weaknesses and add depth. Gillis weakened his center position and made his team worse by trading Hodgson for Kassian. Whether Kassian turns into an effective top 6 power forward or not in a few years is not the point. At the time of the trade he wasn't as good offensively as Hodgson nor was he a center. Gillis cut off his nose to spite his face. I find it hard to believe the Nucks couldn't have waited until after the season to part ways with Hodgson. At that time a Hodgson for Kassian deal would make a lot more sense from a Nucks pov.

And to pile on the Nucks doctors, management and coaches. Its become pretty obvious the issue was them misreading the severity of Hodgson's injury thus leading them to question his attitude. To the point that AV took childish mocking digs at Hodgson about him faking or playing up his injury. Gary Roberts, who trains Cody in the offseason and doesn't exactly tolerate lazy bums, took a shot at the Nucks over the summer for their unfair comments/treatment of Cody.

At the end of the day the Nucks messed up and we've gained a top 6 center for the foreseeable future because of it.

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