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03-26-2013, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
First let me say that there's alot to bash.

Secondly, I'll be 45 this summer. I am a life long fan. Always have been, always will be.

However, I am a realist first.

This team outside of a very select few has no balls.

Torts talks all he wants about jam and being stiff to play against and this is one of the easiest teams to play against. Teams below us in the standings REGULARLY dictate pace and set tempo it's disgusting.

There's so much to not like about this team and it starts with Sather and it runs DEEP into the system in terms of choice of HC for the Whale, as well as the approach to the draft.

We heard that Safe was death, yet this team plays one of the safest systems in the game and their draft strategy has been very safe as well.

All of that said, the realist in me knows that no one's job in hockey lasts and the writing is on the wall for this current HC.

Rangers miss the PO's Torts is gone.

The real problem is that the GM needs to go first. And I truly hope we get a GM from the outside because the guy that's Glen's assistant is largly responsible for this soft group of drafted players we have populating the line up.
Totally agree on Glen "our savior" Sather, but unfortunately we know he isn't going anywhere. I figure we go out thru about 9 or 10 coaches (under his regime) before he is accountable for this disastrous 13 year resume he has built here. It will be on his terms. Baby Dolan will not fire him he will most likely have to retire.

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