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03-26-2013, 11:52 AM
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Originally Posted by mibs View Post
Hi all,

First I would like to mention this is not a troll thread or to cause any bashing. I would simply like to get some feedback from HF about the blockbuster trades that the Flyers made two years ago now that we know that Pronger will most likely call it a career.

In my opinion, i believe that the Flyers got an excellent return from both Richards and Carter, therefore it seems like a trade hey would make again regardless of Pronger's health. However, I remember reading at the the time (Unfortunately don't have any links) that one of the underlying cause for their departure was that the locker room was divided between Richards and Pronger, with management ultimately deciding to go with Pronger. Also I think that Giroux was breaking out and with Briere wanting to play center again, there was a surplus at the C position.

Now hypothetically, if Pronger was the one traded, and that Richards and Carter stayed with the Flyers, would that team be in a better position than now?

To summarize, would a core consisting of Richards and Giroux at C, and Briere with Carter on the wings be in better shape than the current Giroux ,Briere at C, with Simmonds, Voracek,Couturier and Schenn at Foward. Assume that both Carter and Ricahrds haven;t already one a cup.

Again, not looking to stir up any trouble or beat a dead horse.

i thought the room was split cause of carter and hartnell (i heard rumors but i dont know if there true)

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