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03-26-2013, 11:56 AM
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I look at conservative hockey like this.

When I was younger I was the sales manager for a retail store. My boss at the time (a total jackass) had me working long hours on a project to clean up the store before the president of the company came to visit. We sadly carried ink cartridges and this was easily the worst part of the store to get properly sorted and tagged. I took a whack at it, made it look better, and he came over to check out my work. I was expecting praise because hey, it looked a lot better, but instead he goes rack by rack checking each and every tag one by one and when he finds one thats old, or wrong, he rips it off and throws the product on the floor. In the end he only found like half a dozen out of hundreds and I said"Come on man, it's never going to be 100%, that took me hours" and he said "Aiming for 99% is the same as failing from the start". I didn't really get it then, and he was a jerk, but it did certainly stick with me.

Point is if the Sharks play to not lose, they've already lost. You need to play to win, and they have not been doing that. If playing to win means they make a few more mistakes and give up a few more goals, I have no problem with that. At least they are playing a system that plays to their strengths and allows their individual improvement to be rewarded. It's tough to ask a young player to learn when you never give him the opportunity to fail, or even play.

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