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Originally Posted by OrrCam View Post
Fossy21 thanks for posting on this thread from time to time. It's nice to get the scoop on CS and the surrounding situation from someone across the pond and on the ground who can give us the view from there.

I'm curious if CS has payed for the national team previously? I understand he's been playing at a pretty high level in the SEL for 2 years or more now no? If the decision as to weather on not he's permitted to play in NA (when his team finishes the playoffs there) is not a 'hard and fast one', it would seem to me CS can make a good case for playing over here, if that's what he wants to do of course.

At the outset he was headed for a career in the NHL I think when his plans were derailed by a serious injury. Understandably, he stayed home and played his way to the top of the best league in his country. Had he not been injured and assuming he had stayed and played in NA, he would not be available to play for the national team now correct?

I agree in that it makes little sense for Swedish National Team officials to somehow prevent him from coming over here and playing if that's what he wants to do. I say that as a completely impartial observer of course. Not! I'm a diehard Bruin's fan and I would love to see CS come over here and light it up.

Thanks again.
As far as I know, the Yeti has played for the national team a couple of times over the past couple years. I just checked eliteprospects quickly and it looks like he played in the Euro Hockey tournament the last two years. I know last year the consensus was he played well for the swedes I'm not sure about this time around.

I haven't seen him play much recently, but Carl would fit a secondary scoring role over here well. Not having seen him recently I'm not sure how his defensive game has progressed but, I know with Malmo it was pretty atrocious in the games I saw. Although that's a small sample size, and Malmo was on it's downswing by the time I started watching those games.

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