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03-26-2013, 12:24 PM
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I wonder if Murray and Morrow are actually toast as their fans say, or are suffering from Goligoski/Niskanen syndrome. Goligoski can be an amazing player, if paired properly and used properly. But if you count on him as your Shea Weber, you deserve what you get when it does not turn out. Niskanen was destroyed in Dallas from misuse. But here he is properly paired and roled and has done amazing for us.

Morrow may have been a top forward at one time, he no longer fits that role. But does that mean he is useless? Dallas has a history of putting players in a higher role than they are capable and then crapping on them when they fail. If SJ counted on Murray to still be a top pairing role that they once had for him, does that mean that he is useless in a different role, PK and bottom pairing defenseman who can keep the net clear?

I am willing to wait and see if that plays out. I am not thrilled with these trades. I wanted our assets to be used for longer term solutions. A Saad age and type wing for instance. Not a couple of rentals. But that is water under the bridge. Let's see what we actually have. I can at least see what Shero was trying to do with these moves, and both holes were big needs on this team.

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