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Thanks for your constructive feed back und suggestions.

Originally Posted by Hawkey Town 18 View Post


Overall: Your defense isn't the strength of your team, but not a weakness either, I'd call it average. Having Robinson as the assistant will be helpful too.
I agree. Defence is by no means the biggest strength of my team. i tried to pick defemcemen, who are solid in their own end, who are capable in transition. Size was another prerequisit - trapping team's defencemen should be able to wear down opponent's forwards. The whole concept of a defencive team and capable two-way forward should mask some defecits of my defencemen.

As for Neilson, I encourage you to read the great boigraphy 70ies made for him. i think he is more then capable of being 3rd D, especially with such reliable partner as Reise and defencive-minded forward group.

Special Teams
Powerplay: Graves is out of place on a 1st Unit. You probably put him there because you want a big body in front, but I don't like it. Not sure what the best way to go here is, maybe just put Martinec on that unit and just kill them with skill. McKenney should be playing more minutes than Graves, and he is a much better offensive player, so he could fill in on the 2nd unit and replace some of the playmaking that was taken away by moving Martinec up. Zetterberg is another guy who could move up, again with McKenney taking his spot. I don't know if I'd have Graves on the PP at all here. This is probably something to ask about in the lineup advice thread.

The first unit D are good. I think you want Ohlund's shot on the second unit. Not sure between Savard and Keith for the last spot.
Graves was 3 times in top 10 and 6 times top 20 in PP-Goals. I think Pelletier complemeted him for his work in front of the net on PP. i think he should be playing on one of the PP-units. i guess i need more opinions on that matter.
I agree about McKenney, if I demote Graves to the 2nd PP-unit, i put him there instead of Pronovost, who i think was better ES player.

Penalty Kill: Forwards seem fine. No one elite, but the fact that you have 3 full pairs that you can roll should help. Unless I'm missing something, Ohlund seems really out of place on a 1st unit PK. Savard is obviously great, but I think one of the guys from the 2nd unit needs to move up. And then, I'm not even sure if Ohlund should be on the 2nd unit? I know he has size on Keith, but I think I like Keith as a better option, who will have a large partner to clear the front of the net.
i'd call Pandolfo elite penalty killer.

Why shouldn't Ohlund be on PK-unit? He led Canucks in SHTOI 6 season and was close second another season couple seconds behind Salo, while averaging over 4 minutes. i think i should give Keith some PK minutes too, but i'm not sure he is abetter option then Ohlund.

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