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when did i become a habs fan?

well if I remember right, I was trekking up a steep hill 4 days north of the great river. Snow was knee deep and I needed to bring back to my lodge some deer meat. Winter was cold that year but we had gathered enough during the summer to make it through the winter. " Les Francais " had not done so well and they were starting to suffer again. We in our hunting party had promised to bring some meat back for " Les Francais "
Two deer were killed and we made out way back to " the big river"
Two Feathers and me took a killed deer to the Francais and they shared a barrel of something they called "Une petit Molson" After a few I needed to relieve myself so I went outside and right there in the snow I relieved myself, low and behold, I had drawn a LOGO. It looked like a big "C "and right in the middle a big " H ". I called for my friend and he went outside to join me. He busted out laughing at the LOGO. I grabbed a branch from a tree and hit him over the head with it. the Branch sort of bent in half close to the end. I stood there for a second and shouted out " wait, I have a great Idea for a game " The rest is history.

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