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Originally Posted by Rangers79 View Post
I think the thing that hurt the Rangers the most is they've never had a top 3 pick. They've always been mediocre, never too bad or too good, until last year. But most teams are just mediocre, there are always just a few really good teams and for some reason the Rangers have just never clicked that way.

But since Sather came in the Rangers have gotten a lot better at drafting, building a team, having a real farm system, being somewhat competitive, albeit in a mediocre way. I don't know if someone else could have done the same thing or do any better, but he at least helped the Rangers not be the joke of the NHL.
We never have excellent draft positioning because Sather never actually rebuilds. He just overpays players as quick fixes to keep us in limbo where we win enough games to have a ****** draft spot, but still only manage a weak team and get trounced early in the post season.

I'll give you drafting. Sather has done that with relative efficiency. As for your other reasons, you negate them by admitting that its done in a mediocre way. Mediocre might be the worse route to go in the NHL. Teams that excel (Pittsburgh, Chicago, Boston) obviously win Cups. Teams that straight suck (NYI, Edmonton) acquire excellent draft positioning. Teams that are mediocre (Calgary) are stuck in a perpetual hell where they don't generate enough noise to compete and get stuck with lower tier prospects.

As for being "jokes", I don't think anyone was laughing with us during the Redden signing....

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