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Originally Posted by Mork View Post
There really is no accounting for how badly the NHL has managed this.
... depending on ones perspective. Thats what makes this particular story & case so fascinating. Despite themselves, despite the total lack in pro-actively rolling up the sleeves & making something of it, of the building itself over the past 4yrs, facilitating a local sale through creative financing & active engagement, they've basically done Jack. Parked it. Curbed the franchise. Arrogantly extorting large sums of money themselves while aiding & abetting others in attempting same, absolutely gunning a municipality of less than 300,000 souls already on the hook to the tune of over a half a billion dollars in the middle of the desert. Never explaining much less providing much of an accounting for where the $25M even went, another $20M still sitting casually in escrow, as in ho-hum, we'll get around to withdrawing that when we feel like it... Just mindblowing. And yet here we are, and Bettman, he's got options galore, carte blanche, no way no how if even parked for like another 3yrs does he lose. As in hello Markham or Hamilton at $400M+++?. Incredible.

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