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Originally Posted by edx View Post
Latendresse is popularly described as being out of shape, but Iíve also read where the team was happy with his commitment to being in shape. Iím not that connected to the rumour mill, so maybe my info is bad, but another possibility occurred to me.

If you pay attention to recent science results, youíll know that not every body responds to exercise to the same degree. That is for the same exercise performed, some will gain more muscle, more endurance, etc. Obviously most professional athletes are at the very upper edge of how much they respondóin general anyone who isnít wonít make it to the upper ranks. I wonder if Latendress isnít quite so blessed in this regard. Iíd think that with his size, hands, and hockey sense he might have been able to stay in the upper tier throughout his development, even if he couldnít seem to achieve the same fitness level as many of his team mates.

Iím not saying that this is the case, just speculating on the possibility. If it is so, youíd have to assume that he could still do somewhat better (think of Gary Robertís transformation from his extreme dedication), but that it is unlikely heíd ever achieve the speed and endurance of many of the other players. If his up side on speed and fitness were not far above what we see now, would that change how you felt about re-signing him?

(for my part, Iíd say our coaching staff is smart enough to work to playersí strengths and try to work around their weaknesses, so unless and until we can find another big body with soft hands who will get his goals within a few strides of the net but who has more all around game, I think having him in the line up adds another dimension to the team, and I trust the coaches to make use of it. But from a management perspective Iíd be looking for that upgrade)

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