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03-26-2013, 03:11 PM
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Originally Posted by htk30 View Post
You're right, MDZ's +6 on the season indicates he's been on the ice for probably a dozen or so Ranger goals. McDonagh is only a +1. According to, MDZ has 21 give aways with McDonagh having 20. If you want to talk about bad turnovers, giveaways, and positioning, we can always look at 99% of the plays Girardi makes in the defensive zone.
Yeah Girardi has struggled this year IMO.

Also, I saw a stat somewhere that basically rated defensemen on their ability to make a play to clear the defensive zone/start the transition, and Girardi was one of the worst in the league. Kind of surprising to me at first but realistically he does do a lot of just swatting the puck around or passing it to a guy who's already covered on the boards instead of making a play.

Originally Posted by Drewbackatu View Post
Guess you didn't read my last post. Yes, the past 4 games or so, he has been our best d-man and arguably our best player. There's no question he has great upside and he is very young with lotsa time to develop. The biggest issue I and others have had with him is his propensity to look completely lost on the defensive end(at times) and his inability to hit the net with his shot.
Time will tell with DZ but at some point, he needs to reach that next plateau and stay there w/o a return to those mind numbing decisions and turnovers in the defensive end.
I dunno, I can't remember Del Zotto making any crazy bad plays in the defensive zone lately. I remember some bad, stupid plays from his first two years, but in the last two years I feel like mistakes in his own zone aren't occurring at higher rate than any other D

I think he sometimes gets beaten 1 on 1 if a guy is coming at him with speed, but generally he's solid

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