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08-09-2006, 01:00 PM
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I think what TB is trying to get at is not that the players didn't pan out, so much as they were really questionable moves at the time.

Yeah you have guys like Lundmark, Malhotra, etc. who didn't become stars but you back to that time and the Rangers weren't out in left field when picking them. Team's wanted them, even after being drafted team's were asking for them in any trade.

With Lee and Hugh, even at the time there was a lot "Argg" comments going around and they neither sought after nor have they really produced.

In regards to Lee, he is a player that was essentially kicked off his college team and has translated into an average 3rd/4th line AHL player. Unless something miraculous happens he is AT BEST a fringe NHL player.

It sounds annoying but the reason it keeps getting brought up is that it didn't even require hindsight to say "Bad move". It was said right there and then, not by just one or two people but by many people. Heck that's where the whole "SJ or Philly was going to take Hugh" comments came from which in years of asking around I've found to be nowhere near the truth (and these things aren't guraded secrets).

I think the reason it won't die is because it's a pretty painful. Unlike some drafts where you can "Well we weren't out of line taking that player", we're stuck with the memories of players most knew we should't have taken then and the players that were being screamed for have gone on to become very solid NHL'ers already.

When you look back 3 and 4 years later at players you didn't even want then scoring less than .5 points per game at the AHL level (coming off pretty medicre post draft seasons at lower levels to begin with) and compare it to the players a lot of people wanted who combined for 100 points at the NHL (and a trend that points upward since being drafted) you're going to have a lot of complaining.

It's not fun, but that's what happens. It's a tough pill to swallow, especially when you knew it was a bad idea in the first place.

5 years from now if Staal or Montoya or Sanguinetti don't make it, I don't think you'd see those kind of complaints because it wasn't really a stretch to get them where we did and under those circumstances. But you'll hear about this for a while, mainly because the Rangers are going to feel it for a long time.

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