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Originally Posted by Nicky Santoro View Post
that's for the whole country though. i am talking local rating.. i am pretty certain Toronto doesn't get 12.0+. Pittsburgh beats them for sure. I would love it if someone can find a local rating for just Toronto and Montreal, and of course any other canadian city would be a bonus.. then you'll see how amazing Pittsburgh is. BTW, i thought PIT loved their hockey??? they averaged 11.87, which is good.. but damn... the Steelers draw like 42.0.. ouch.. that makes the pens look like no one cares compared to the Steelers.


thanks.. i have no idea how you found that. i searched for days and could not find it. wow, 0.2?? it's actually not that bad. the amazing ana ducks are only drawing a little more than that, and the LA KINGS last yr were drawing also just a bit more than that. I thought LA GALAXY were dead in LA, but it's not far from Ducks, who are amazing this yr.


No MTL numbers??. Can you find out what RDS gets???
So it looks like the Canadian teams do beat PIT but that doesn't make it any less impressive (TO: ~15.4, VAN: 19.4)

The Canadian numbers say viewers as opposed to households but for a rating % it works out the same thing as long as you use the overall population number. That being said, I used the metro population numbers for the calc. so these might change if say the whole province was factored into it.

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